Decision Making and Consequences

We are faced with making decisions almost everyday, some of those decisions affect others and we have to decide whether the choice we make is in the best interest of others or not.

Often we make the choice and later on feel that the decision we made was not the right one, what do we do? Try to go back and rectify? stand firm as being the best choice at the time? What happens when the truth comes out? Do you accept the responsibility and apologise? Do we defend the choice we made or the right to make the choice in the first place?

Whatever we do, it’s not right to then lay the burden of our hindsight on others to clean up. It’s not right to turn the lives of others upside down while you hide away and deny others the closure.

If you decide to keep a secret in the best interests of others, think very clearly of the consequences of that secret should it then be found out or revealed. Also think VERY carefully of the consequences if that secret  could cause a grave consequence.


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