Sex Manners

By Nick Campbell:

Today we took a brief look at sexual manners and what not. We all have our pet peeves in the bed do we not? What are they? What do they come from? I’ve heard many unwritten rules in my day. They range from the infamous “No head, no bed” to the “call before you come”. They all have some place and logic in sexuality. In today’s discussion I focused on a lighter side of things to let people vent their frustration about sexual manners and preference. Have a look at the conversation that took place…

Just like with dating, when it comes to sex, there are unwritten rules and manners to follow. What kind of sexual “manners” do you expect from a partner?

The overwhelming response was HYGIENE! Indeed, hygiene is very important. A lot of men don’t like to smell a fishy vajay-jay and women don’t like musty¬†COJONES!! Keep it fresh my friends!!


Now fellas, a word of caution when you’re “speed bagging” the clit. It’s a very sensitive area down there, be easy unless you like that god awful “death grip” around your head.

Considering the female’s clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of her body, it should be treated like fragile glass. As a matter of fact, if done properly you could have her speaking in tongues and giving you her ATM pin# but if done incorrectly, you could find yourself in the infamous “death grip” Go for the shiver! As “Myria” puts it simply: “Exactly! Too much is like being electrocuted!” WOW


Ladies, it’s absolutely rude to start a fire and not put it out! This can lead to the infamous “Grudge F–k” don’t do it……. #noteasing

Men like to be teased, but…only to a certain degree. We dislike games so don’t play with the Johnson, you do so at your own risk! You heard it here first, and besides it’s just down right rude and should be outlawed. Grrr


“Call before you come” It is never, I repeat never acceptable to show up unannounced! It’s not just a tad rude, but can turn ugly in the blink of an eye.



Fun Facts about sex: Sex cures headaches

Next time your significant other refuses your advances by claiming to have a headache, remember this fact: the sex act can help to cure a headache. Sex causes the body to release endorphins which naturally reduce the pain of a headache! So tell them ” I can help with that”


As always, it was fun discussing sex with you on our notorious “sex saturdays”. I hope you learned some good stuff, and we’ll be discussing this again in the future I’m sure. Enjoy the weekend, let’s talk again soon!



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