Sex Talk 101

By Nick Campbell:

On this stormy day (out here at least) we decided to have a candid talk about sex. Sex saturdays as we call it is the funnest day of the week to lighten the conversation and talk sex. As we all know Sex plays an important role in most relationships. So with that said, the disucssion below ranged from married sex, sex in public, and even who would crack under pressure with the absence of sex.

Fun facts about sex: Sexual acts lead to weight loss. The average human loses 26 calories when kissing for a minute. Furthermore, vigorous sex for half an hour burns 150 calories (you can lose three pounds in a year – if you have sex 7 to 8 times a month)


When you hear people talk about how sex stops after marriage, does that scare you? Where are my married folks? Does sex really stop after marriage?
There is a long standing stereotype that marriage is a sex killer. I can’t see why it would, considering that you have all the time in the world. And you have this time with one person (hopefully) to do so much with. With a jump off you may or may not be able to do certain things. But hopefully your spouse would have a different take on things and let you experiment and live out your fantasies. You just have to avoid letting it get too routine and lacking excitement. The people who perpetuate these myths are likely the ones who don’t have an active and healthy sex life.

“I once got busy in a burger king bathroom” Where is the oddest place you’ve had sex?
Random public sex in the bathroom stall, in the car, behind the church, and even the doctor’s exam table are all of the various places our readers have confessed to getting it in. Talk about spontaneity! This is an excellent way to keep things fired up in your sex life. Although I do advise being careful as to not break any decency laws of course. But then again if you get busted for having some good sex in public, I suppose it’s something you and your partner can go back and laugh about!
If they were deprived of sex, who would go crazy first, Men or Women?
In men’s circles there is an understanding that women will go absolutely bonkers if they have no sex. We notice they get a little antsy and down right bitchy sometimes when they don’t have any. I’m sure us men have our signs of deprivation as well, but I can only speak for the fellas when I say that women will lose their mind if you take away the power of the pole. Mood swings, breakouts on the face, bat attitude ETC all signs of a woman about to burst. If you’re lucky, you’ll be in the right time and right place for you to reap the rewards from it!
Great discussion and fun times for another Sex Saturday! Until next time TRP!!


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