Gift Giving

There is a fine art to gift giving. Not many get it right either in giving or receiving.  Generally when folks give gifts they do it because it’s something they want to do because they enjoy the pleasure in other peoples eyes when they get a gift, they do it because it’s expected or they do it because they are hoping to score points. We’d all like to think we were in the first category.

Gifts are a pleasure to buy, make or create. They are a pleasure to give as well as receive. Until we learn to appreciate each others efforts giving and receiving of gifts will continue to be clouded by suspicion, guilt, assumption and everything else that prevents the sheer joy of it.

  • When giving a gift to a new date, be mindful of the connotation it might have.
  • When choosing a gift, be mindful of who it’s for. Choose the gift with the person in mind, not your own taste
  • Cost, sentiment, motive, relationship all play a part in deciding what to give and who you are giving it to
  • Once given, the gift is no longer yours, how they accept the gift is up to them
  • If you aren’t sure what to buy or what is appropriate, it’s okay to take them shopping!
  • Gifts are from one heart to another. Given and received with openess.

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