Some dreams we have are far fetched and are almost escapism, some a little closer to reality but seem out of reach. When looking at our dreams closely they tell us certain things about ourselves.

If you are not doing your dream job, is it because deep down although we admire the idea, the reality is that it doesn’t fit with your conceived abilities? is it that it’s a field not considered stable?  Are you dissatisfied with your present occupation or just wistful because although you do it and do it well, you are not fulfilled? Whatever it is, when it comes to jobs or even businesses all it takes is tenacity. A dogged determination. Domestic responsibility are obstacles to negotiate around, lack of qualification is only a degree away, your dream job can be your reality if you reach out and take it.

It doesn’t take a million dollars to live in your dream place, it takes an adventurous soul. Where you live is simply  ‘a place’. There are ways and means to find yourself in the place that you feel most comfortable. All it takes is a committed decision and action! Easier said than done? Sure it is. But it CAN be done.

Your dream house is the house you live in. A house is but bricks and mortar. You may not have the funding to have the square footage that would make it resemble your dream. It may not have the pool room, the garden, the stables, tennis courts or multigarage to fit all your cars in. Ever wall, floor board, window ceiling has watched you. Your highs and lows, joys and pain, they have sheltered you from the elements, offered solace and kept the world outside when you were feeling fragile. They hold your dreams. So when you look at your home, that isn’t quite like the picture in  your mind remember, you can touch it. You can’t touch your dream house. Failing all that… there’s always the lottery or a nice liability claim!

We might not be able to live with our dream family unit, we might not be able to share a meal with a loved one but we can have them in our hearts and minds 24/7.  On family occasions take lots of pictures and video footage. Do impromptu interviews, ask people to relate a funny story, sing a song, recite a poem or tell a joke. The beauty of recording people is that you can replay their voice and relive the moment whenever you feel like it. If it’s too late to do that with loved ones past, ask those who remember them to tell you things about them. Collect pictures and display them, remember them at dinner when saying grace. Remember them in your prayer or meditation. Your home will never be empty!

So, dream big, dream often and bring a little of the dream into your reality!


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