What Does Courting Mean To You?







Ladies: How do you want to be courted by a man? (Be specific)

We all have our own idea of what courting is.  As long as we are being respected and treated the way that we know we deserve, a gesture from a gentleman that is anything other than looking for sex is a nice thing.

Ladies: Do you think that the art of courting is dead? Why or why not?
Men: Do you believe that a woman should court you or should courting just be a man’s job? Why or why not?

The art of courting isn’t dead but it surely is on life support and waiting on a transfusion!  All is not lost.  If we, men and women, would pass the art down to our children and demand that we be treated better in our own interactions, we would surely see it make an incredible come back.  For those folks that are dating with the idea of marriage in mind, courting is very much alive and well!

For the men that want to be courted or feel that a man should be courted, please tell us what courting a man entails? What does a woman do to court a man? PLEASE TELL US. We have NO idea. When did this notion even begin?

This thread was interesting.  We STILL don’t know exactly what a man wants in the way of being courted.  We had a few men that told us that courting was their job.  Thanks guys!  We also had a gentleman tell us about how things work in his relationship.  He told us what his lady does in response to him courting her.  He called it her way of courting him.  What he described is exactly what women have been doing in response to a man’s courting since the beginning of time.  I guess he just gave it a name?  Yo no se.
From the comments we’ve seen today, it would be fair to say that even though we’re all grown, a lot of us don’t know what the hell it means to court or be courted.
Would any of you be willing to go back to the old days of courting?
Men: Would you wine and dine and treat a woman like a lady should be treated?
Ladies: Would you be good to a man in the ways that only a woman can if he courted you?

Courting SHOULD continue.  It should not be an antiquated act that we remember fondly.  If women demand to be respected and treated kindly, men would indeed reciprocate.  If a man does not, he’s not the one for you.  Keep walking ladies.  A really great man just scooted up a seat in the line to get to you.

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