Take Your Pic

What we see and the ideas that come to mind vary not only by person to person but also by the way we are feeling at that present moment, what we are experiencing in life generally, our dreams and aspirations. Psychiatrists are known to use word association, picture association and even sound association to diagnose the presence or absence of psychoses.  As individuals, we might not be able to qualify our reaction to certain things, but if we pay attention to how we react to random stimuli, we learn much about ourselves.

Is a glass half empty or half full?

Is the picture of an old lady in a chair showing someone with a disability or someone feeling at peace with them self and reminiscing?

Is the thug chasing the woman about to rob her? return the pocketbook she dropped? Catching up with his mum?

  • If you regularly see good things, chances are you are enjoying life and still have faith in humanity.
  • If you regularly see the bad things, chances are you are not happy with your own life.
  • If you struggle to describe what you see, are you afraid of failure or ridicule. What is your self esteem like?

If you do notice either of the last two examples happen more often than the first, it might be time to really take stock of your present situation with a view to adding a little light to the darkness.


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