Say What You See

Want an idea of what is going on in your teen’s life? Here’s a non intrusive way of delving into that chasm of emotion.

Choose random pictures. Old photo’s of the extended family, babies, animals, situations. Gather them from various places. Put them in a box. When you are having some ‘we time’ grab a bag of popcorn, some juice, cookies, ice cream (what ever you guys like for snacks) and pull out the box.

Sit together and take out the pictures one by one and have a ‘say what you see’ session. Pay very keen attention to facial expression, tone of voice and body language. These will say much more than the words your teen is using.

Play the session by ear, you NEVER know how it’s going to turn out, you could both end up rolling on the floor laughing, or in floods of tears hugging each other. Most important is the opportunity to see things from the others perspective and enjoy each other.


Be imaginative with the pictures you choose and vary them for content.

NB – You can also do this with your partner to remind yourselves of the growth you’ve had in your relationship. Use pictures of holidays, events and the two of you at various stages of your relationship.

Good luck.


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