Sacrifice & Compromise







Have you made any significant sacrifices in your relationships? What have they been? Was it the right compromise to make?

We all must realize that in life we’re going to have to sacrifice.  Sometimes our decisions are wise and sometimes not.  The most important thing is that we learn from every sacrifice whether or not to repeat it or learn from it as we move away from it.

In your relationships, what is the ultimate sacrifice? What will you not be willing to sacrifice? Why?

Sacrifice is sometimes painful but beneficial for growth.   Sometimes it’s unfair and hurtful.  Know that there’s always a bright side to what we’ve given away as our hearts were in it.  That sometimes matters more than anything else.

If you could take back ONE thing you’ve sacrificed or compromised on in a romantic relationship, what would it be? Why would you take it back?

I wouldn’t take back any sacrifice or compromise that I’ve ever made.  They have all made me better, stronger and who I am in this moment.  Though some were difficult and disappointing, if it were not for them, I wouldn’t be this Angel that I am now.  A little wiser, a little stronger and a lot better.

Let’s talk about what we can sacrifice that we don’t need in our lives.
What is it that you can sacrifice in your life that would make you better for you and those that are in your life in every facet? What can you walk away from or have stripped from you to make you better that you know you should get rid of but find it hard to let go of? (That’s the sacrifice.)

There are many things that each of us can sacrifice.  No one is perfect.  We’ve all got something that we should let go of but are too comfortable to do it.  Consider this time as you think over your own answers for today.  What can you let go of that would make you just a bit better?  What can you do without that may not be hindering you a lot but would lighten your load just a bit?  Whatever it is, consider letting it go so that you can be better for you thereby making you better for those that you love.

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