The Joy of Giving

The word giving has only one meaning, only one spelling, it’s not debatable  and it is not open to interpretation. It just is.

As much as we know if we give with an open heart we will receive in abundance, we don’t give because of the harvest it will yield later. We give because of the good it will do now.

Whether we give time, money, material possessions, spiritual guidance, intellectual instruction or anything else that is equal to sharing what you have, it doesn’t matter. No one gift is more valuable that another. No act of kindness more valuable than another.  A dollar to a woman that needs matches to light her stove so she can feed her children is as welcome as an investment of $25K to a young person starting his own business.

Do we expect appreciation? If we’re honest, yes we do.

It’s not always forthcoming though, but don’t let that stop you, there is warmth in giving bask in that warmth and give anyway, you may not see the good that you have done or the chain of good that you have started.

My mother said… ‘do good and good will follow you’.



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