Hidden Talents : The Artiste Within You

Many people do not identify their talent until much later on in life. A time when domestic responsibility, society even culture are dictating what constitutes a ‘responsible’ person. It’s not responsible to quit your job and turn your living room into an Art Studio, or Recording Studio. It’s not responsible to take your life savings and buy a building to house down and outs. However, you may have discovered that that is where your talent lies and when you are feeling most fullfilled.

One may not choose to use their talent to earn a living or generate extra income. They may just find that doing whatever it is, is a way to unwind, escape into a familiar world. They may just feel most useful when helping others. Whatever it is, when we tell each other to be true to ourselves and love ourselves. This includes ‘making the most’ of our talents.

Making the most of our talents may include doing whatever it is for the community or charitable organisations. It may mean capitalizing on it and generating the income needed to meet domestic responsibility. Whatever else it may mean, it will always mean feeling fulfilled.

Our partners, children and family in general will always benefit from your talent, even if indirectly. If we are happy, then the people who love us are happy for us. Also they might get free tickets to events, free photography at celebrations, lots of cupcakes. In a time when folk are feeling the pinch, small acts of affection shown by utilizing a talent, is appreciated immensely. So if you can dance… dance for your husband, if you can sing, sing for your grandmother, if you can paint, do a portrait of Aunt Rose and give it to her as a present. These things are priceless and come from the heart.

We all have a talent, whether identified or hidden, it’s there. Take time to find yours, use it to fill those lonely moments, those moments of lack of imagination, those moments when life is particularly hard. Before you know where you are, everything seems better and you feel relaxed and content.

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