The God/dess In Me

How we speak to one another has a direct effect on how we relate with each other.  In the African diaspora is it cultural to greet each and every person with a farewell greeting. Not just in parting.

Good Morning – I pray that this glorious day is glorious for you

Greetings – I am glad that we are both here to share this moment

Namaste – The Goddess in me, recognises and honours the Goddess in you

Hashima – Respect to you

assalamualaikum – May the peace and mercy of Allah be with you

Shalom Peace

Just a few examples of greetings that spread the light of love for one another. Each offering a definite praise, wish or prayer. A smile, a handshake, looking into the face, a salute, a bow or even a simple nod of the head, all project a positive gesture from the giver. Even if it is not returned in like manner or at all, the personal knowledge that you ‘walk the talk’ gives you the pride and blessing of honour.

A voice raised in anger, a smile that does not radiate from the eyes, an utterance that is mumbled all lead to the destruction of oneness. World peace starts with an individual who lives peacefully and exhibits that in their day to day actions.  For us to feel love, we need to show love.  For us to receive a blessing we need to bestow a blessing.


Peace be unto you and yours.


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