A Father’s Love – Table of Contents

A Father’s Love Table of Contents

Here is the list of each chapter in order.  If there is hyperlink doesn’t work, then it means the post isn’t active yet.  Try back the next day.  New posts are public around 12am PST.

Chapter 1: Scared

Chapter 2: The beginning

Chapter 3: Public Enemy #1

Chapter 4: The Terrible Twos

Chapter 5: Daddy Time

Chapter 6: Fair Exchange

Chapter 7: The Tape

Chapter 8: Waiting Game

Chapter 9: Win the Battle, Lose the War

Chapter 10: Cold Turkey

Chapter 11: Merry Christmas

Chapter 12: Love/Hate Relationship

Chapter 13: Divine Intervention

Chapter 14: The Showdown

Chapter 15: The Next Year

Chapter 16: Why I’m Scared

Chapter 17: It’s Finally Over

Chapter 18: The Conclusion



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