A Father’s Love – It’s Finally Over

A Father’s Love is the true story of a father’s battle to be a part of his son’s life.  You can read access all of the chapters in the Table of Contents.

By: Anonymous

I’m at a loss for words.

I don’t really know what to say, think, or feel.  I can’t believe that it’s over – it’s really over.  A lot of times in life when we’re going through something, we get so caught up in the “fight” that the fight itself becomes our motivation and once the fight is over, we have no place to focus our energies.

Well, the battle is over and at the moment I have nothing left to fight for.

The way the family court system is set up in this state is that the for the final parenting plan hearings you’re given a general date to show up, but your case can be heard anytime during that week.  Cases are heard Mondays – Thursdays, with the most serious cases heard on Monday and as the week progress, the less serious cases are heard.  It makes sense – you want to devote more time to the cases that are more complex.  You get a call the Friday before the week you’re scheduled and given the specific day and time of your hearing.

I sat in silence as I comprehended what the court’s secretary just told me.

My case has been scheduled for the following Monday.  The dreaded MONDAY.  I knew it, the social worker f*cked me.  It didn’t matter that I submitted a brief in response to her report breaking down all the ways her report wasn’t in Isaiah’s best interest.  I am just “his father” and she is a “trained, impartial professional”.  Of course they are going to take her word over mine. They scheduled the case for Monday… MONDAY.  This sh*t is over.

But that wasn’t the only surprise the court had in store for me.

The original judge in the case was changed from a regular judge to the Family Court Chief Judge.  So not only did they switch the court date to Monday, but the case is going to be heard by the boss.  This can’t be good.  I should’ve just agreed to what Camille wanted to in the first place.  The courts side with the mothers anyway.  Who was I to think that this would be a fair process?! I am a fool and because I am a fool, I’m going to suffer.  I’m going to suffer dearly.

I carried those thoughts with me throughout the weekend and up to the hearing.  That Monday, the moment of truth arrived.  I entered the courtroom afraid and scared and about an hour later, I left the courtroom completely drained and exhausted.

It’s finally over.

To be continued…

Exhausted Man

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