Sexual Affliction

By Nick Campbell:

Sexual afflictions, it affects so many people in the dating, married, and single world alike. Sex plays a huge role in relationships, it always has but in different ways. Sex is more freewheeling than ever before. Consider how the cultures changed and you can see that stark difference in what role sex plays. I’m sure sexual afflictions existed in prior generations, but the other areas of the relationship was more of a priority then. Things like character, work ethic, family ETC were in the forefront. In these times sex has a very high role. Exactly how high is open for debate and discussion. But in sex there is always afflictions. Things like ED, lack of desire, retarded ejaculation, and persistent genital arousal disorder ETC. They are real conditions that people suffer from. We covered some of these topics, and here is the conversation we had.

How big of a role does sex play in your relationships? If you had to give it a number from 1-10 what would it be?

I was surprised to see such high numbers, but at the same time I shouldn’t be. Nothing wrong with sex, but I do wonder if there is a connection to that high number and the number of unhealthy relationships? Something to think about….

If sexuality plays a big role in your life, what would you do, if you met a person who met all your needs except for sex? Could you make it work?

Imagine meeting an almost perfect person, but they hit every mark except sex. It puts you in a position to choose what your priorities are in regards to love. Think about it, sex only lasts so long. You’re not going to be having sex all your life, but a partnership will last all your life if nurtured right. As “Charles” put it: “No relationship truly flourishes in flesh”

1 in 10 men suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction. But if you’re in a committed relationship, it’s not just him who has it, you BOTH have it by having to deal with it as a couple and as partners.

Facing sexual dysfunctions together can be a difficult thing to overcome. But it’s not impossible to overcome it, and if anything can strengthen your relationship. It’s a really good test for anyone claiming to love you! If they love you they’ll help you overcome any challenge, sex included. If you are a couple you have a dysfunction together not on his or hers own. Unless your on your own….

We all know people who stay in bad relationships due to good sex. but if you ask most people what they want from love, and most will tell you sex isn’t important. So who’s winning the battle in these times sex or love?

For those familiar with the term “power of the pole” then you need no introduction. For those who don’t, it’s basically the reason women stay in bad and unhealthy relationships. There is a reason behind it, the power of the pole is one huge reason that keeps some women going crazy! Men do it too! Maybe not as much, but some men do be tapping on windows and leaving desperate messages as well.

There is a stereotype that women can go longer than men when it comes to withholding from sex. But a worse stereotype is the one of men who choose not to chase the cat right away. There is this impression that a man not chasing means something’s wrong with him. Is that fair?

Withholding from sex takes a lot of restraint and discipline. So why isn’t this rewarded more? Men can do it just like women can, we can choose to wait it out as well. It doesn’t happen that often, but there are men who can do this. As “Charlotte put it: “I have respect for anyone who choose to live above physical in order to get to know another” Nuff Said…

It’s been a great discussion, till next time TRP!!! Let’s talk again soon….


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