Savor The Memories

By Nick Campbell:

How many of you have piles of photos stuffed in photo albums? You know the ones you took with your partner at the recent concert? Or how about the ones you took at the house party you attended? They all hold good memories and you cherish them. Wouldn’t it be fun to go thru and organize them together? It may sound tedious at first, but imagine sitting on the couch and reflecting on good times. I know everything is digital now, but nothing beats the memory of a good old fashioned photo. We all know they make for great coffee table display, and when you look at one I’m sure you see the good times the person had. So as a couple, a constant reminder of those great memories can be helpful to the mood of your relationship. Especially, in tough times. It’s a reminder that the two of you can work thru any struggle, as long as you do it together. The end “picture” is the two of you… together…

What you’ll need:

  • Your favorite photos
  • A scrapbook
  • A nice bottle of wine
  • Your favorite music

In other words it doesn’t take much to do it. It’s a great bonding experience to sit by the fire, or if you don’t have that, to just chill with some good music while you sit together and organize your memories. Reflecting on the stories behind each photo can be a fun way to remind you of why that partner is in your life.

Another addition to this idea is to involve the kids (if they are in the picture) they may get a kick out of hearing how their parents met. Also to hear the crazy stories that come up from a particular time. Have them help you to organize them, and do it in a chronological order. It’s a low cost, creative, and intimate way to have family time.

So on this play of the day, take a moment to enjoy some quiet time with your partner. Savor those memories, and look forward to those to come in the future. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below……

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