A Father’s Love – Love/Hate Relationship

A Father’s Love is the true story of a father’s battle to be a part of his son’s life.  You can read access all of the chapters in the Table of Contents.

By: Anonymous

As soon as the courthouse opened after the Christmas break I headed to the courthouse in her county.  The morning rush hour traffic is typically horrendous, and since court opened at 9 AM I left my house at 9 and got there at 10. I filed my paperwork and then went to see a judge to get a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) that simply “restrained Camille from keeping Isaiah from me.” Pretty simple.  I go in front of the judge and he calls out mine and Camille’s last names (the names on the order).  He pauses and says, “wait a minute, didn’t I just rule on this?”

It seems that I wasn’t the only one to go to the courthouse that morning.

Camille was there at 9 AM.  When I sent her the custodial interference letter, she decided that she needed to show “good cause” as to why she was keeping Isaiah from me. So she got a TRO that said she feels that I planned on kidnapping Isaiah and taking him out of the country away from her. I know what you’re thinking and trust me, I wish I was making this up.  So now I can’t come within 500 feet of Camille, Isaiah, his daycare, etc.

This sh*t just got serious.

I just stared at the order in disbelief.  The court doesn’t know if she’s telling the truth or not, so of course they granted it immediately.  There was a hearing scheduled for the middle of January where I can plead my case.  I had to submit to the court and serve Camille in writing why I didn’t feel the restraints were warranted, and if the court didn’t believe me, the restraints would stay in effect for ATLEAST a year.

This sh*t just REALLY got SERIOUS!

To this day I don’t remember how I made the drive home.  I guess it was instinct because I was numb.  All I could think of was the very real possibility of losing Isaiah.  If the order stayed in effect for a year then when the year was over, the process would start completely over again and could go on indefinitely.  How could I write a statement that proved I had no plans on leaving the country or take Isaiah with me?

I walked in the house, looked at all of his Christmas presents in the corner and I started to lose that numbness.  I started to feel and what I felt was pure… raw… uncut…


Love Hate Relationship

I love women!

I know you’re thinking… well DUH, you’re a man, what man doesn’t? Most men don’t love women – they love p*ssy. It’s completely different.

I love the way a woman sounds and smells. I love it when a woman talks my ear off about stupid stuff or sticks her lips out and pouts when she doesn’t get her way. I love to rub a women’s stomach and take care of her during that time of the month. I even love it when a woman throws a tantrum, just so that I can throw her ass in the closet and wear that ass out. I don’t have to f*ck you… I enjoy foreplay more than the actual act of intercourse.

But don’t get it confused, I love p*ssy too. LOL! I just enjoy being around a woman. I spent years, talking to you, reading your books and magazines, listening to you… learning how to understand you. My major in college was Business Administration and my minor was “Loving a Woman”. But there’s a thin line between love and hate and when I got the TRO that line was crossed.

I hated everything about a woman! I hated that you were capable of being so vindictive and diabolical. I hated that you were using my child as a pawn in your game of chess. I hated your smells and your soft, squeaky ass voices. I hated your lies… verbal and physical with your fake hair, titties, and asses. I hated how you always complained about no good men and then when you come across one you manipulate and shit on him so much that now he hates all of you. I hated your weakness and dependency on others… I hated your ugly, smelly p*ssies. I hated that I spent so much time studying you… learning how you think… becoming an expert a pleasing you… and what did I get in return? Selfish, conceited, self-centeredness.

I hated that I used to love you so much. I didn’t just hate Camille, I hated ALL WOMEN! I didn’t even want to talk to my mother. I never hated anyone or anything before, but now I hated all of you. I was filled with so much rage and anger, my brother came over, took one look at me… turned around and left. He wanted no part of me. I found out later that he called my mom and told her they needed to get some bail money together.

I didn’t sleep… I didn’t eat… all I did was hate. There wasn’t much time for me to turn in my response to the TRO, so I started typing, and what I ended up with was 13 pages full of hate!

To be continued…

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  • Patricia Rickwood

    This is a very hard story to read but sadly it’s a true one. Why do we use children as pawns when a relationship breaks down? It is so unfair leave the children out of it can’t you see adults are not the only ones that suffer Children do too.

  • My breathing gets distorted reading this story. It’s painful … and it happens every day.