A Father’s Love – The Tape

A Father’s Love is the true story of a father’s battle to be a part of his son’s life.  You can read access all of the chapters in the Table of Contents.

John QDo you remember the movie, “John Q”, starting Denzel? It was about a little boy that had a heart attack playing baseball, needed a heart transplant, and how a father would do whatever he must to keep his son alive. That movie touched me for a couple of reasons, beyond the obvious ones.

First, my younger brother died at 18, due to a heart attack while playing basketball. I wasn’t there, but watching the little boy run around the bases and then just collapse made me imagine what my brother went through. The second reason is, towards the end when Denzel was going to kill himself so that he can donate his heart to his son, he talked to his son for what he thought would be the last time he would ever speak to him. He told him to listen to his mom, be a good boy, don’t take any sh*t, etc- very powerful.

I wasn’t a father when the movie came out, but that scene always stuck with me, so when Camille was in her last trimester I made a tape for Isaiah. It was a 90 minute audio tape and in it, I spoke to him as if it would be the last time I’d ever talk to him. I told her where his name came from (he’s named after my younger brother that died)… how much his parents loved him… if they weren’t together it wasn’t his fault… how to be a man… the 10 life principles I hold dear… etc. I just told him anything I could think of that would help him grow up to be a man if I wasn’t there to show him. It took a couple of days because I would get into it, start crying, and I didn’t want him to hear me crying on the tape.

I made Camille play him the tape for the remainder of her pregnancy and when he was sleep throughout the day when he was born. I ended the tape telling him, “No matter what anyone else says or tells you Isaiah, always know that your daddy loves you very much!” After he was born, those were my goodbye words to him every time we parted. I still say them to him now and probably always will.

It was December 3, 2005 when I left Camille the message about how we can handle this situation. She called me back within a few minutes, cursed me out, and told me if I want to get the courts involved then so be it. I didn’t yell or curse, Isaiah was with me and that’s something I will never do in front of him. I will never raise my voice or argue with his mother in front of him. I will not bad mouth or allow anyone else to bad mouth her in front of him.

I just hung up the phone.

I took him home the next night and when I pulled up in front of the house, I hugged him tight and gave him my goodbye phrase. I figured she wouldn’t let me see him the following weekend. When I rung her bell, she came to the door and gave me back a book of mine she was reading, “The DaVinci Code (great book, terrible movie). She wasn’t finished reading it, so I knew how this was about to play out. I took the book and didn’t say anything. When I got in the car, I called and asked her if I could see Isaiah next weekend. Her response, “We’ll see.”

Time to put the gloves on.

To be continued…

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