A Father’s Love – The Showdown

A Father’s Love is the true story of a father’s battle to be a part of his son’s life.  You can read access all of the chapters in the Table of Contents.

By: Anonymous

One thing that was good about my hatred filled days was that the reality of the situation didn’t sink it.  I didn’t think.  I just felt and that hatred fueled me for those few days.  Once the “fueled hatred was gone, I hit a wall.  Mentally and physically I was exhausted.  To complicate matters, the reality of the situation sunk in.  I had to convince someone I’d never met to allow me to have the right to see my son.  If I couldn’t convince the judge, then who knows when I’d see Isaiah again, if at all. It not like after the year passed, I’d be able to see him.  The process would start all over again and this time I’d be in a worse position because I literally would have had no contact with Isaiah for over a year.

Stressed Man

Imagine the pressure… the stress… this was my son… my seed… my life… my legacy.  To complicate matters, think about the topic I had to write about, my love for Isaiah.  To all the parents out there if someone asked you to put into words how much you love your children, how easy would it be?  How can you possibly verbalize your feelings for your children?  I do a lot of thinking in the shower and during the next two days I lived in the shower.  I didn’t even bother to put on any clothes.  I’d take a shower, put my robe on, or just walk around butt naked, and after a couple of hours, take another shower.  I’m sure I looked like a shriveled up prune.  But after two days, I had absolutely nothing written.

Time was ticking. I called Monique again.

“So how’s it going Thomas, you got a rough draft for me to look at?”

“Monique, I have absolutely nothing. I can’t think. This is too much pressure.”

“Thomas, let’s pray.”

After we prayed, Monique asked me a question that changed everything.  Thomas, all you can think about is not having Isaiah and that’s keeping you from writing.  Well, what would you do if you had him right now? My face lit up and I just started going on and on about my baby and what I’d do with him and the pressure was gone. “Monique, If I knew what you looked like and if we got down like that, I’d wear your ass out right now… you wouldn’t be able to walk for a week.”

We laughed, and I went to work. What I couldn’t do in two days, I did in an hour.  It was easy to write about what having Isaiah in my life would mean to me.  I sent Monique a copy and after she read it, she called me and was crying.

“Thomas, this is the most beautiful thing I have ever read, you even praised Camille. I know that was hard.  Not only can anyone see how much you love Isaiah, you made it known that you love him so much that you wouldn’t take his mother away from him.  You’re ready.”

I submitted my response and felt pretty good.

Now it was time for the showdown.


All of the confidence I built up, disappeared as soon as I walked into the courtroom. My legs were shaking, my heart was pounding… this could be it.  To top it off there was a woman judge on the bench.  I just knew it was over.  She called our case and swore us in.  Camille went first and all she talked about was money.  When Camille filed for child support, she tried to file for back support to the day Isaiah was born.  But what she didn’t know, is that in our state the only way DCS will sue the father for back support is if the mother was receiving assistance from the state on behalf of the child.  Otherwise, they will only start the support process from the day a case is filed.  I’m sure it’s to prevent situations like what Camille was trying to do. I paid for everything with Isaiah and because she’s upset she tried to say I never gave her a dime.  She never mentioned the restraining order. Well, once she started on that sh*t, my fear was gone and when it was my turn, I lit her ass up.

“Your honor, Camille filed this bogus restraining order only after I notified her that she was committing custodial interference by keeping our child from me.  Then she concocted this story about me wanting to take the child out the state.  When she filed the restraining, she had to file a parenting plan with it.  In that plan she requested I have the child every other weekend and alternate holidays, unsupervised.  Don’t you find it ironic that if she really thought I was going to take him out of the country, why would she request unsupervised visits?”

“Furthermore, I thought this hearing was about a restraining order, not child support. If she has an issue with that, then that’s what DCS is for. But for the record, we did go through DCS. I have supported Isaiah from Day 1.  Camille is upset because I don’t want a personal relationship with her, so she lied to DCS and said I never supported him.  DCS will only start the process from the day she called and now she’s trying to use the court to override DCS because she didn’t like the response they gave her.  Again, since I assumed we were here because of a restraining order I did not bring my records that proves I’ve always financially supported our child, but if she wants to go there we can postpone this for another day.”

The judge looks at Camille. “Your response to that?”

“I feel that if there’s a piece of paper that tells him when and where he can drop him off to me, he’ll abide by that.”

“So let me get this straight Your Honor, she says she thinks I’m going to commit Identity fraud by use my dead brothers info to create a fake identity… commit forgery to get a passport… kidnap Isaiah and flee the country, but I won’t violate a restraining order. Does that make any sense?”


The judge removed the restraining order… told her to go to DCS for child support issues… and ordered us to go to mediation.  While Camille went somewhere to get my foot out of her ass, I went straight to the daycare and got my son.

To be continued…

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