A Father’s Love – Public Enemy #1

A Father’s Love is the true story of a father’s battle to be a part of his son’s life.  You can read access all of the chapters in the Table of Contents.

By: Anonymous

Have you ever felt completely confident about something? Not just a little confident, but so confident that you’d gamble your life on it without hesitation? I have been that confident several times in my life – including now.  But then how do you feel when you ‘d find out  you were completely wrong? It’s a terrible feeling, isn’t it?

Well that’s how I felt the day I found out I became public enemy #1.

Camille took my telling her she had to leave very well… at least I thought she did. She was calm, asked me to reconsider and promised to do better.  I already heard that tune before and wasn’t about to fall for it again. She said it’d take her a little time to find a place.  I told her don’t rush.

Then she hit me with the whole, “can we at least have goodbye sex” game.

I knew it was going to be awhile for me, so I fell for it and put a little something extra on her ass. I should’ve just left it alone, but oh well. Then she hit me with the line, since we have a child together she should be able to get ass on call. No matter who I’m with if she calls, I should come through and she won’t trip on whoever I’m with.

I laughed and was like “Hell naw, I’m not some damn gigolo, but I will store this conversation into my “Rol-a-Fu%k because you never know”. She laughed and we went to sleep.

Two days later Operation Public enemy #1 started.

Public EnemyI came home and she had completely emptied out MY place. Even went as far as to take the toilet brushes out of the bathrooms.  Who does that sh*t? If it wasn’t for the fact that my key worked, I would’ve sworn I was in a different home.  My clothes and my bed were there (probably because she didn’t know how to break it down), but everything else was gone.

I just stood there and laughed. What else could I do?

I called and called and when she finally answered the phone, I just asked about Isaiah.  It was the first time, I ever came home and didn’t see him.  She wouldn’t let me speak to him – said he was sleep. I said just let me hear him breathe (I love that sound) and she did.  That sound almost broke me down, but I maintained my composure.

Biting my tongue has never been a talent of mine so I said, “I see you moved today. Thanks for leaving my clothes and bed and consider us even.  I promised you that you wouldn’t have to work for the rest of the year and you stole enough sh*t from me to be set for quite awhile.  I’ll come see my baby tomorrow.”..:

I hung up the phone, laughed, and just shook my head.

I’m pretty perceptive, but I didn’t see it coming… not in a million years.  I would have bet my life and the life of those around me, that this would never have happened, but I was wrong.  I literally brushed my shoulders off and laughed again.

She got me… got me good.

I was in a completely furnished, 3 Bedroom, home, so she got me for a couple computers, 4 big screens, DVD’s, statue collection… yeah she got me good.  But I wasn’t going to sweat it. All of that was easily replaceable.  I was sure she was pissed that I didn’t go off on her over the phone, but I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction – she already had everything else.  Believe it or not, that night I slept like a baby.  I finally had some peace and if it cost me some material possessions, then so be it.

But I’d soon learn that once again I was wrong… boy was I wrong.

There was still so much in store for Public Enemy #1

To be continued…

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