A Father’s Love – Fair Exchange

A Father’s Love is the true story of a father’s battle to be a part of his son’s life.  You can read access all of the chapters in the Table of Contents.

I f*cked her.

Not only did I f*ck her, I f*cked the dog shit out of her. That night we tore up every piece of furniture in my house. I’m sure she thought it was passion, but I was angry. I wasn’t going to bring another woman into my madness, so I wasn’t seeing anyone through this ordeal and all of the pent up anger and frustration I had, I took it out on her ass. When I’m angry, I don’t nut, so eventually I just got tired of f*cking and stopped.

The only thing she said was, “Damn” my kegels weren’t ready for that.

Camille does them damn things 24/7… so much so that she didn’t have any tears when Isaiah was born and we started having sex again less than 2 weeks after she gave birth. But anyways…

The next morning she called her boyfriend and dumped him. That’s how I found out, she had one. I didn’t care about who she did and didn’t date, so I was surprised. She told me about their relationship, and how she still wanted to be with me… be a family… etc.  I was thinking yeah, yeah whatever, until she said those magic words…

“I shouldn’t have done you dirty with Isaiah and you can see him every weekend.”

Well you know what I was thinking, If the dick is that good that it made you get some act right, then let me f*ck you again. But she said she was too sore to do it again at that point. But for the next few months I gladly traded dick for daddy time and since the dick was directly related to the time I spent with Isaiah I made sure I put on the performance of a lifetime.

Fair Exchange

I told her that I wasn’t ready to be with her like that, but we can take it slow and see what happens. Yeah I was wrong for doing that, but so what?! I was seeing my baby every weekend and a couple of days during the week. Camille was talking about leaving Washington and having more kids (like I really was going to do that)… we even agreed to a parenting plan in writing. You know how I do… it was 12 pages long… I went into detail on any and everything. But Camille wasn’t a fool. She agreed to it, but she’d always have an excuse about why she wouldn’t sign it. She said she wanted an attorney to review it. That excuse lasted 3 months.

The last time I slept with her was at the end of October 2005. I remember it because I just got back from Miami and I was in bad mood. I went there for my best friend’s wedding, partied all week, and had to leave early because of a hurricane. My flight left an hour before the wedding started. Camille lived 10 mins from the airport, so she picked me up and took me back to her place so that I can see Isaiah. It was late, he was sleep but I just lied next to him for awhile. Of course Camille didn’t want to drive the 45 mins each way to take me home, so I stayed over. But after we f*cked I decided I was done with that part of it. I told her I decided I want to be celibate until I was married (yeah, I know what you’re saying… there’s no way in hell, but she bought it).

She didn’t trip and things were finally starting to look up for me. I saw Isaiah often. Camille was living with her best friend and every time I went to their place and saw my stuff everywhere I wanted to smack both of them. But I acted cool. I guess she was telling everyone we were together because when I went over to her place for Thanksgiving dinner all of her friends and sisters were acting like I was the best thing since sliced bread. I just ignored those hos and played with the kids.

So at this point I had been seeing Isaiah at least every weekend and calling him every night for about 6 months. Mission accomplished… pattern established. Camille was serious about wanting to move out of the state during the upcoming summer. Although she was saying we move as a family, I still didn’t trust that. I wasn’t going to leave the state without something in writing. Also I knew that when a parenting plan is signed one parent can’t move out of the state without written permission from the other parent or a court order. So for the next week, I asked her every day to discuss the parenting plan and sign it so that we can have something in writing for both of our protection. The plan was what we were doing anyway, now it’s just a question of having it in writing.

After she ignored me for a week, I left her a message and told her, “We can handle this like adults or get the courts involved.”

And that was when the real madness began.

To be continued

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