Get To Know Your Children

All parents, Uncles, Aunts and grandparents think they know their children. Here’s a play to find out how much you really know.

  1. Write some questions on separate pieces of paper.
  2. Number them
  3. Write the answers you think your children/nieces/nephews/grandchildren will give
  4. Then fold each question up and put them in a bowl
  5. On family night, get everyone round the coffee table/dinner table etc. and let each of the children pick one question.
  6. For each question you get right, the children have to do a forfeit, something for you. (make a cup of coffee, sandwich, paint your toes… be creative)
  7. For each question you get wrong you have to do a forfeit for them.
  8. Discuss the answers in a fun way. This isn’t about getting personal it’s about getting your children to express themselves.

Here are some questions to get you started.

What is your favourite movie?

What is your favourite song artist?

What is the name of your best friend’s mum/dad?

What is the name of your favourite teacher?

If I gave you $/£20 (of whatever currency you use that is a reasonable amount to give a child) what would you do with it?

If you could be a famous person past or present, for one day, who would you be?

If you had the choice to pick a venue for a night out with me, where would you want to go?

Which of my favourite music do you like?

If you could organise a night out for me, where would you send me?

If you could pick a date for me out of all the actors/actresses, who would it be?

Be creative with your questions, the idea is to get an insight into how your thinks, what their aspirations are, how they perceive you and generally getting to know your child on a level generally reserved for their friends.

Good Luck and have fun!

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