Be The Change You Want To See

As we enter the New Year, resolutions are floating around like crazy. But in terms of the relationships we hold with others and with ourselves why must we wait for a new year? Why wait to make a change and be the change we want to see? So today, in the spirit of the New Year we’ll discuss the best ways to start the New Year right and enforce good habits that will sustain our resolutions and goals.

1st Topic: Of the most common resolutions we all hear, weight loss and quitting smoking tops the list. Let’s look at the impact.. Could you date a person who smokes cigarettes? If you smoke, how do you try to accommodate a person who doesn’t?

Kim wrote: “I did date someone that smoked and It was in his clothes and my asthma was horrible the whole time and I got so sick I actually coughed up blood and had to have numerous doctor appts to get to the bottom of it.. After we broke up everything went back to normal health wise.. Never Again”

2nd Topic: Weight loss is the king of the New Year’s resolutions. But why do you feel society is so obsessed with weight? And what is “overweight”? Do you follow the clinical definition or is it the lack of a six-pack? How important is weight to you when picking a mate?

Lynn wrote” Our society is obsessed with weight, but for the wrong reasons. It’s not about appearance, it’s about health. Being too thin is just as unhealthy as being overweight. We need to stop saying it’s ok to be overweight if you’re happy and confident with yourself. That’s just an excuse for not doing what needs to be done to be healthy. If you look down and can’t see your coochie/junk, you’re overweight. I’m not usually attracted to men that are chunky, but the one I love madly is thick. It’s about him, not his weight.”

3rd Topic: When it comes to careers, how many of you are happy with what you do? If not, what goals have you set to make a change in that regard?

Del’esa wrote: “Very blessed to have a good-paying job that allows me to work from home whenever I want. This year though, I’m following my passion for fashion! Pursuing a new path as a fashion stylist and putting into action with my friends first. Taking classes this summer (spring already full) to get more formal education and planning to seek a pt unpaid apprenticeship with a local stylist who’s doing it big. My 2012 dream is to go from “I’m a businesswoman” to “I’m a business, WOMAN!”

4th Topic: How many of you stepped into 2011 still playing the #2 slot? If you’re still playing 2nd string in a so-called relationship with a person now is the time to find something that is “yours”. In your view what makes it so hard for people to escape this trap?

Nadi wrote: “They just want to be wanted/loved/cared about so daggone bad that they’ll settle for what they can get and not care how stupid it makes them look and they don’t care how badly their feelings suffer for it. If the man/woman you desire already has someone or is interested in someone else, why would you still try to get at them? And if they left who they were with/wanted just so you could have them, what on earth would make you think they wouldn’t leave you, too? Don’t be naive, people. Let true love come to you in it’s own time. KC & Jo-Jo said “don’t rush”.. You should listen. The End. ♥”


This picture alone can sum up the problem with New Years resolutions, it takes 21 days to establish good habits. Seize the moment now to accomplish your goals! Until next time TRP-Nic

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