Your Love Story

By: Will Wavvy

This week the Play of the Day focus will be on things you can do at home for date night and next week, we’ll focus on things you can do out of the house.

Today’s Relationship Play of the Day…

Write your Love Story

Everyone has a story to tell. In fact, most people delight in sharing the little things that happen to them daily. But, when it comes to undertaking something such as actually writing their own love story, most people balk at the idea. So imagine the surprise your partner will feel when you’ve taken the time to record the very significant part of your lives on paper.

Where To Start

First compile all relevant information such as:

  1. Where and when you met.
  2. Where and when you first kissed.
  3. Where and when you proposed.
  4. Where and when you were married.
  5. The first time you knew you were in love.
  6. Where and when you shared these feelings with your partner.
  7. Where and when you had your first date.
  8. How you felt when you were on your first date.

Next, you’ll need to sort the information chronologically, from the first event.

It’s much easier to put the story together when you write about each event/memory on an index card. For quick reference, highlight what the event/memory was, and the date it happened on the top. Then, in as much detail as memory allows, write about what happened, including all your senses such as touch, sight, smell, etc.

Once you have all the events/memories written, and in order. Start writing your love story. It will be a fairly easy job if you’ve done the steps above.

Love Story

Creative Ideas For Your Story

It’s one thing to sit down and write your love story, it’s quite another to take the time to put creative effort into it. Some ideas couples have done range from video taping the story with pictures, to creating their own professionally bound book with pictures. The possibilities are truly endless. To help you get started, here are a few ideas:

  1. Tell the story in a fairy-tale format. Starting with, “Once upon a time…”
  2. Create a puppet show with puppets to represent each of your characters. Save a copy of the play for your partner to read later.
  3. Write your story in diary format. Get a blank journal and create entries for each of the days that are relevant for your love story.
  4. Make a timeless treasure by writing your story in calligraphy on a heavy paper. Dip the pages in tea or burn the edges to give it an “old” look. Roll it up and tie a ribbon around it. You may want to give your partner a round tube so the letter doesn’t get ruined.
  5. Create a love story scavenger hunt. Write parts of your story with clues to find the next section. This is especially fun if the clues are hidden in places relevant to your love story!

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