The Worst Dating Clichés of 2010

By Nick Campbell:

As this year comes to come a close I’m sure you’ve seen the countdowns, Top 10’s and “Best of’s” for 2010. So today I’d like to discuss the top 5 overhyped and misused terms in the dating field. We got a feel for how TRP felt about these terms and what it’s done to the way we approach our relationships. Naturally,a question is: In 2011 can they be done without? Below are the topic points:

1st cliché: “We weren’t together” The #1 term thrown out by folks who get caught with their pants down. In 2010 this term was used loosely to justify cheating by way of “technicality”. Is this legit to you? Or can you call BS on a person even without a “title”?

Hailey wrote: “unless they have specifically stated yes you all are together and exclusive, how can that be bs? if they have only hinted towards possibly getting together, then thats on you if you were hoping exclusivity was imminent and they werent seeing others. you made them a priority when you were only an option to them. tough luck.”

2nd cliché: “It’s none of your business” A hot s—t starter in 2010, does this term ever belong in a conversation with a partner? While it’s perfectly fine to have separate personal lives, for you, where does the line get drawn about what a partner knows about you?

LaToya wrote: “I don’t think this term should ever be used when it comes to your partner…I would use this for nosey associates or to joke around because to a partner this is an insult. I’m pretty open with my partner. If I don’t want to tell something I would say it’s not something I would like to discuss further which puts the responsibility on me choosing not to talk.”

3rd cliché: “I know how to treat a Man” Ladies, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s not just about cooking. Treating a man well covers many areas and differs by individual of course. But in 2010 this was a term bouncing off a lot of ladies lips. It’s almost become cliché. What are your thoughts?

Tamela wrote: “Well I know from my experience I can’t say I know how to treat a man! They are all different, what one likes another may not! So it’s imperative to get to know the individual and know their likes and dislikes! Hell! It’s takes more than cooking and cleaning and sexing! I got that down, so now it’s waiting for the right one to come along!!!”

4th cliché: “I’m looking for lady in the street and a freak in the bed” I put this one up there with the ladies who say they want a thug who will treat them like a queen. Epic failure in ways that won’t fit on this post o_O So, at our age has this expectation really survived? What say you?

Tonya wrote: “As for the women who want ‘a thug to treat them like a queen’, they are looking for that mythical creature…Barack Shakur. lol”

Tamika wrote: “I think the cliche for women does and can hold true. What I do behind clothes door, may be hanging from the ceiling and you would never tell by looking. On the other hand, I think all women like a man who will treat them right, but have a little thug in them…. not to much, just enough to get by and handle business!”

5th cliché: “It’s complicated” Translation: I still live with my soon to be ex BF, but I’ll date you and fuck you until that happens. They say chivalry is dead, but what about honesty and transparency? Have those traits died off in 2010?

Pamela wrote: “Ugh! I hate that cliche’….its stupid….heck ! If it’s so complicated then end it! I’m jus sayin… And yes will ppl (men and women) get back to being honest with one another in the dating scene? I hope men and women will be more mature in 2011 bcuz all these grown folks playin games is so silly…smh…All the games and lies are so childish and so unattractive…”

So this wraps up our “Top 5” worse dating Clichés of 2010. I sure hope you enjoyed discussing them with me. Let’s have a toast to these played-out  over-hyped terms and let’s hope 2011 brings us a renewed sense of maturity and common sense.

Cheers TRP!!-Nic

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