Words of Affirmation

By: Will Wavvy

The Relationship Play of the Day this week will be centered around The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  It is the best relationship book I’ve ever read and I’ve read tons of them.  Trust me, if you understand and apply the principles in the 5 Love Languages you’ll have much better relationships, guaranteed.

The concept behind The 5 Love Languages is simple.  We all have one of five primary love languages: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, or Physical Touch.  If we speak to our partners in THEIR love language, not ours – then we’ll have much more satisfying relationships.

Today’s Love Language is Words of Affirmation.

Keys to Words of Affirmation

One way to express love emotionally is to use words that build up.  Verbal compliments, or words of appreciation are powerful communicators of love.  They are best expressed in simple, straightforward statements of affirmation, such as:

“You look sharp in that suit.”

“Do you ever look nice in that dress! Wow!”

“I really appreciate your washing the dishes tonight.”

Giving verbal compliments is only one way to express words of affirmation to your partner.  Another is encouraging words.  The word encourage means “to inspire courage.”  All of us have areas in which we feel insecure.  We lack courage, and that lack of courage often hinders us from accomplishing the positive things that we would like to do.  The latent potential within your partner I his/her areas of insecurity may await your encouraging words.

Love is kind.  If then we are to communicate love verbally, we must use kind words.  That has to do with the way we speak.  The same sentence can have two different meanings, depending on how you say it.  The statement “I love you,” when said with kindness and tenderness, can be a genuine expression of love.  But what about the statement “I love you?” The question mark changes the whole meaning of those three words.  The manner in which you speak is exceedingly important.

There is more to learn about Words of Affirmation and your Play of the Day is simple.  Go pick up a copy of The 5 Love Languages whether you go to a store or your local library and study the chapter on Words of Affirmation.

Then ask yourself if that’s your partner’s Love Language and if so, in what ways can you speak that language to your partner.

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