Starting Fresh

With the closing of the holidays comes a new year. Its more than common for people to set self improvement goals around this time. The most common of course being: losing weight, save money, ETC. But what about being a better partner? To follow up on yesterday’s lesson about picking the right mate, let’s discuss ways to become the right mate. I’ll focus on a few key areas listed below and how it can apply to a relationship. So over the course for the day here is today’s agenda:

Goal#1-Communication: One effective way to be a better partner is to be a better listener. Some tips to try: When you’re having a discussion with your partner, try paraphrasing what they said. It shows you’re listening and taking in what they said.  What are your thoughts about communication?

Rick wrote: “By knowing what style/method allows you to effectively communicate and by taking the time to learn your partner’s communication style/method. Also, by respecting the differences, if any, in your communication styles/methods.”

Goal#2-Get your house in order: Instead of focusing on what someone has or doesn’t have, it behooves you to look at your financial picture and ask what you can bring to the table. Use the New Year to build good financial habits. How important is financial stability to you in a relationship? In what way?

Erica wrote: “Credit can be worked on and corrected by correcting your spending habits and money management. If that person isn’t willing to correct those habits and make the required changes then HOLLA at you later gator.”

Goal#3-Get out and meet someone: You can’t vent behind the computer about being single unless you get out there and meet real folks. Something simple as a smile and eye contact can do wonders for your dating life. Are you emotionally available?

Sandra wrote: “That’s the thing though….you put yourself out there….give the look, exchange the numbers, good conversation…then its on stand still? Or everyone starts talking that “friend” mess… I keep the faith…but it does discouraging sometimes….”

Goal#4- A house is not always a home: If you’re married or in a relationship, make your house a home for your partner. In 2011 shoot for a more loving atmosphere. And never stop courting your S/O. What are your thoughts on that?

Bridgette wrote: “I agree, the house must be a home for everyone that lives there or will visit. I have friends who hate to go home. That’s not good!”

For this new year approaching start planning what you want to accomplish. You don’t have to wait until the new year to get it together, NOW is the time! Until next time TRP, lets do it again soon!-Nic

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  • HuDat44

    To make afresh start in a new year – we should appreciate what we (as a couple) have and move forward together with open communication. True genuine love and affection allows new experiences and fresh new topics of conversations. support eachother; and men- …listen to your woman/ and women-…try not to change your man into what you think he should be. give eachother space enough to breathe but do not be ashamed to show affection out in public; after all the person you love during intimacy should be the same person you love in public. During financial lows or highs do not get to wound up on the ‘haves’ and appreciate what you BOTH have- eachother. Be thankful; there are some people in the world what has never had the trust, love & affection of another- consider yourselves blessed-
    …Have fun have a laugh and have lots of sex….lol