Read To Each Other

By: Will Wavvy

This week the Play of the Day focus will be on things you can do at home for date night and next week, we’ll focus on things you can do out of the house.

Today’s Relationship Play of the Day…

Read to each other!

Book reading is a ritual that, for the couples that practice it, creates a new level of intimacy. For the rest of the week, before you go to bed, take turns reading to each other for at least a half hour.

One night you could read and the next night your partner read to you. Alternatively, you can each take 15 minute turns.

Either way each night you’ll be sure to welcome the resonance of your partner’s voice as you cuddle together.

But what should you read? For couples hoping to gain a little more sensual intimacy, stories with erotic subject matter may be your best bet. For couples just looking to increase their togetherness, books by your favorite authors or current bestsellers may be perfect for you. You could read your vows, poetry, or dedications to each other.  Another fun way to choose your books is to take turns.  The first book your partner chooses; the next book you choose, so forth and so on.

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