Naughty or Nice


By Nick Campbell:

Today, the long standing myth of Santa Claus is what we discussed. How does it affect kids around Christmas? We talked a bit about whether or not Santa should be taught. We spoke a bit about parents who go to lengths to make a good christmas and go into debt as result. A great discussion was around if kids know the true meaning of christmas and how they are taught. These are all things that go hand in hand into the character of kids. As they become adults the lessons they learn at this time will be the mold to their lives. To most kids Santa has been a looming figure for good or bad, that’s how America is. It was worth discussing, and below are the topics we discussed.

“We all know the reason for the Christmas holiday. But it seems the kids know more about Santa than the birth of Christ. What do you teach kids in your family about “Christmas”?”

Mary wrote:”I don’t have children yet but I intend to allow my child to celebrate christmas how they please. But before they get to that point I will try to get the answer to all their questions so they can have the facts and choose with a lil research. Bit while they are tots sure I’ll decorate and give gifts because basically in our household Christmas has no religious connotations and when I was younger we earned our presents…”

There are some parents who over extend themselves financially all in the name of giving kids that “Santa” experience. For those who didn’t have much growing up, this happens often. What are your thoughts about that?

Johnny wrote: “I believe that if you are in a position to provide them every gift they would want, DO IT!! However, if you are not finacially stable, then you provide the holiday with what presents you can. Also at the minimum, provide a family dinner and a decorated tree. Love will set itself in and Christmas will be just fine. Never forget to teach your child the true meaning of Christmas and never forget to PRAY as a family on those days.

How do you feel about the concept of Santa and the “Naughty or Nice” aspect approach with kids? Isn’t that like a form of parenting bribery, to teach kids to do something they should already be doing? (behaving)

Aja wrote: “Aren’t we all motivate to do well based on SOME LEVEL of incentive? I’m not saying this in particular is right but it is the way we operate, right? The othe line in the “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” song is “be good for goodness sake” Now who really does that? Who is GOOD to others or does the right thing just to do it? They either think of the benefits or the consequences FIRST”

If your children’s friends are of different faiths, how do you teach your child to deal with that during the Christmas holiday?

April wrote: “With have that happening now….with our childrens friends and within the family. We teach them to be respectful of everyones beliefs and faith as well as to learn something about their friends faith as well. This way they will not assume or have any misconceptions about other faiths. We also teach then not to let beliefs faiths or religion ruin their friendships or relationship…unless they r being out right disrespectful to them.

Clearly, Santa is a figure that will continue to dominate the minds of kids around christmas time. Whether that’s right or wrong is up to you, but today we discussed “Santa” in a different light and christmas in general. Questioning the topic doesn’t mean we’re being a scrooge! But its interesting stuff nonetheless. Thanks for joining me today, let’s talk again soon! Happy Holidays-Nic

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