Man’s Kryptonite

If you know men, you’ll know one weakness we have is some good oral. Good head does to men what kryptonite did to Clark Kent. We’re tough and talk a lot of shit, but the right head will make us buckle and some extreme head will have us in a fetal position after. Can you believe there are still some women in 2010 who don’t give head? SMH, below are the topics:

Why do you feel some women don’t give head? But at the same time expect to receive it? Don’t act like this doesn’t happen, it does!


There are different types of oral us fellas usually get. 1. Just enough to shut you up (we hate that!) 2. Just enough to get you ready and then they stop to go watch Real Housewives 3. Mind numbing put in you in a coma and take your wallet head.


The easiest way to a grudge f—k is to use head as a punishment. We didn’t clean your truck now you won’t suck? o_O what’s the deal with “withholding”


Some women are strict about not letting a man get sex without him “going down” so what if the fellas were to put a “no head, no bed” clause in the contract?

Sex Saturdays are always full of fun and this day was no different. Cut out the “rigamarole” and get with the loving and show some love to the bald avenger!! Till Next Time-NIC

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  • Quid Pro Quo makes sex soooo unsexy.

  • HuDat44

    I think if a man wants head from a woman he must give it to her- I believe it is a privilege for a man to kiss, suck, lick and taste the delicacies of her sexual flower as it blossoms in orgasm. I love it!!….but some women find giving head as offensive and demeaning due to a past (bad) experience…we should make our experiences with eachother fun, educational and without judgements…do 4 your woman and allow her the freedom to do 4 you if she want it. do not diss her resistance to it but instead comfort her be understanding.