Holiday Family Traditions

Happy Friday TRP!  Today we will be talking about holiday family traditions. Every family has at least one tradition that they all love during the holiday season.  Let’s share what our families love to do at Christmas time.  Perhaps we may have traditions that someone else will love and start with their own family.

Tell us about one holiday tradition that your family shared when you were a child.  Did you continue it with your own children?  When you look back on it, how does it make you feel now?

The traditions that we had as children are rich in family memories.  They are little gems and blessings that we can pass on to our own families or to think on when we miss those that we love the most.

What traditions do you have with your own family?  What traditions have you started or shared with your children (or children in your life if you don’t have children of your own)?

Traditions don’t have to be old.  We can all start them at any time.  However, there is something really special about the ones we have at Christmas time.  It’s a blessing to begin something that is impressed upon the mind of children that they would carry it through their lives until they can pass it on to their own children.  If you don’t have any traditions with your own family, start one today!

Let’s talk about being single for a moment.  Would you say that it is traditional to end a relationship (break up with someone) before the holidays?  What are some reasons that people do this?  Has it ever happened to you or have you been the one to do the breaking up?

Whether it be about not wanting to buy a gift, not being able to afford a gift or not wanting to bring your love interest around your family, holiday break ups are the pits.  It is hurtful and one can assume that waiting for the holidays to end a relationship is spiteful.  I have a friend that once jokingly said, “Holiday break up cut-off is November 14th. Get it in now before it’s too late!”  While we all laughed about it, what she said carried a tremendous amount of weight.  If you’re going to end a relationship, try to do it early on so that it doesn’t hurt as bad as it could as the planning or holidays begin to happen.

Are there any traditions that your family had or has that you wish they would get rid of?  Tell us about it and why you want it to go into the Land of Goodbye never to return.

Let’s face it, everyone is not creative and some things just shouldn’t be.  Did you ever have a fruit cake that held a door open because no one wanted to eat it?  Probably your aunt or grandmother’s recipe that she hoped would be passed on through the family.  The only thing that keeps passing on is that fruit cake that people continue to re-gift until it finds its right place… holding the door open.

If you could start a holiday tradition with your family today (that you don’t already participate in), what would it be?  Will you start it this year?  What would you want your family members to gain from this new tradition?

Starting a tradition can be as easy as noticing something that you and your family do all of the time without thinking about it.  Start paying attention around the holidays or any old weekend.  Notice the things that you do together all of the time.  Perhaps it’s movie night.  Maybe it’s going to the movies on Christmas night.  Maybe yall exchange one small gift on Christmas Eve.  These are all traditions.  What do you gain?  You gain a love and appreciation of the time that you all spend together.

Thank you all so much for spending your time with me today.  I loved every one of your comments about holiday traditions.  I hope that those of you that don’t have any traditions will be inspired to start some.  Perhaps you see some that others have shared that you like.  No matter what you do, make sure that you enjoy your family and not take them for granted.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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