….They’re not for the first time dog owner….

By: Jay Skilla

So Saturday I found myself up in the far reaches of northwest Georgia in Dawsonville.


Well, I decided to slide up to Sanders Kennels to check out some Presa Canarios and more or less see what the hype was about.  I mean, I’d heard the rumors…………..seen some pictures on- line…….even conversed with a dude who was selling some off the back of his truck in front of the Verizon store behind Stonecrest Mall (1).  I’d even remembered Eric Williams/RK-8 mention that he had one.

But I had to see for myself……………….So, up GA400 I go, to the boondocks (no Aaron McGruder) to check out these dogs and see what the deal was…….and MAN OH MAN was I impressed, lol. I mean just the sheer size, agility, and (threat of) damage that this dog could do had my interest shooting through the roof like a nigga with bad credit, lol.  Remember on” Remember the Titans” when they kept chanting in unison “MOH-BYLE!!!…..AA-JYLE!!!!….HAH-STYLE!!!!…??? Well thats what

I saw……..now times that by 10. LMAO

I saw 3 of the top ranked dogs in the nation…………….and……………. got a chance to handle all three.

The first weighed 101lbs

The second weighed 130lbs

and the third weighed a shopping 150lbs


And they were all friendly……and had a commanding presence………and had courage……….and had this inate sense of, “Don’t fuck with me”  LOL

They basically displayed EVERY alpha dog trait that an owner would look for


The downside was that they did not realize their own strength……and NEEDED to be socialized…….and probably dropped loads in the backyard that rivaled some animals that you would see at the UNIVERSOUL Circus, lol

And handling them made me realize that they are not for the first time dog owner.(2)

Which is fucked up…..but I get it.

I mean, by a show of hands, how many of you or people you’ve known gone after something or much less desired something that they really werent ready for?  OK EVERYBODY put your hands down. LMAO  It happens…..much more than we’d like to admit.  Now, thats not to say that people shouldnt push the limits of themselves and reach for the stars.  By no means would I say that!!! (3)  But, there is a reason why the statement, “biting off more than you can chew” is in existence.”……and its for shit like this!!!!”

You ever wondered why so many people get their asses in some shit that they cant get out of? LOL

Fellas, you ever fucked with a chick that YOU KNEW was just “too much” yet you did it anyway…..only to have it blow up in your face?

Ladies, you ever fucked with a dude who YOU KNEW was “who he was” lmao….yet you did it anyway…..only to have it blow up in your face?

Ever bought a car and had the payments eat your ass alive?  What about a house?

Ever ran with a crowd that was just a “fast type of crowd” that looked good on the outside……but realized it was hell to keep up with?

Fellas in the streets…..ever got wind of a “ill connect” only to politic that connect and get what you want…then find out that its too much shit involved with “realizing” the fruits of your labor? lol

Ever requested a transfer or got a promotion only to realize that the extra money or change of scenery “just wasnt worth it?” lol

Opinionated people, you ever tried to debate with Emery Jones/Tony Blogtana (even if you have a valid point, lol)…..then quickly learned that he will not only probably win…..but embarrass you in the process? LMAO!!! (4)

Of course you have, lol

Shit, we all have!!!!

And if it aint this……then there is something VERY similar that you can pull from to feel me….feel me? lol

Hell, y’all remember when Marvis Frazier (Joe’s son) got to running his mouth back in the day about defending his dads honor?  Yeah, well thats cool and all……………….but you cant pop off like that to LARRY HOLMES the current reigning undisputed world heavyweight champion!!!LOL  Well, Marvis got what he wanted……a shot at the title.

And Larry Holmes “commenced ta” give Marvis Frazier the asswhippin of a lifetime!!! LOL  I mean, at one point, he had him pinned in the corner with one hand….and was bashing my man in the face with the other, lol….while simultaneously pleading with the ref to stop the fight!!!!LMAO…….and sent Marvis back to his dad with his tail tucked between his legs.  To which Joe quipped, “Son, Ive been there….it happens to everybody!!!”, lol

Which makes me say that all of the sayings like, “Never let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash” or “You gotta pay the cost to be the boss.” or “Becareful what you wish for…you just might get it” have some sort logical application here……..in some shape form or fashion.

Youve really gotta have an ego to go after the shit you want….thats paramount.  But an unchecked ego will “get you got”, lol…….and thats how you learn.  Theres virtually no way around it.  And we never really “get it” until its too late, lol.  You know, when you regret fucking with that chick……or you ladies realize that dude really “aint no joke”, that the rumors really ARE true about him…..or when you learn that that Benz tune-up will have you like, WTF???….or that ARM really will adjust, LMAO….or that that crowd really does live by the seat of their Pantz, (not the controversial religious blogger, lol)

That shit will get old REAL QUICK, lol

OK, I’m done, but just take this one and grow with it………………….

…………………. because at the end of the day, you’ve just gotta be ready for some shit, lol

It’s Jay

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