Take COMPLETE Responsibility

By: Will Wavvy

The first, Relationship Play of the Day, is the most important one.

It’s the foundation for everything that we’re going to do and without it your success will be limited – if at all. The first Play of the Day is…

Take COMPLETE and SOLE responsibility for your relationship.

I understand that it takes two people for a successful relationship and I’m not ignoring that fact; but YOU’RE the one reading this – not your partner. At this point my only concern is you. Besides YOU are the only person that you have control over your relationship anyway. Your partner is going to continue doing him/her so let them.

Don’t concern yourself with what you have no control over.

Taking responsibility

Take COMPLETE and SOLE responsibility for your relationship.

If your relationship is going to change it’s going to be because of YOU. If it’s going to go to that next level, you’re going to be the one that takes it there. You’re the leader of your relationship and your partner will be riding on your coattails.

You set the example.

It doesn’t matter if you have basic needs that your partner isn’t meeting at this time. If those needs are something that you must have right now at this very moment and they’re not being met, then simply end the relationship.  Why stay in a relationship where your basic needs aren’t being met?

But if you can deal without them for the time being then don’t concern yourself with them at this time. Just concern yourself with what you can control.

If you’re in the right type of relationship it won’t be long before your needs are being met abundantly without you having to even ask for them to be met – but not now.

Take COMPLETE and SOLE responsibility for your relationship.

Whether or not your relationship fails or goes to that next level is completely in your hands so put your ego aside and commit yourself to doing whatever you have to for the future of your relationship.

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