Just Do It… for 45 days

By: Will Wavvy

Now that you’ve have the list of ways your partner told you how they’d like for you to be a better partner to them.

The next two Relationship Plays of the Day are simple:

Understand EXACTLY what your partner is saying to you.
Be like Nike: Just Do It!

Just Do It

Many times in relationships communication can be vague and general, especially when it comes to feelings.

It’s difficult to articulate to others what we want/need when we don’t completely understand it ourselves.

For example your partner may say, “I’d like for you to communicate with me more.” But that’s too vague. You have to ask more questions so that it’s completely clear as to what they’d like from you. Communicate to you how – more physical or verbal communication? Just general everyday talking or communicate my thoughts and feelings about us more?

Don’t guess – KNOW specifically what your partner is talking about with each of the items on their list. Remember you’re taking control over your relationship by taking control over what you can control – YOU! Do not turn this conversation into a debate. If your partner says, “I need you to spend more time with me”, don’t say “Well when are you going to make more time for me and stop working so much, etc.”

This isn’t about your partner. It’s about you.

Once you understand, the next play is simple – Just Do It.

Whatever your partner says they want/need from you – just start doing it.

Don’t worry about what it’s going to take for you to do it.

Don’t concern yourself with what you’re sacrificing in the process to give it to them.

Just give it to them.

Most of you work better with a time frame so just do it for 45 days. No more. No less.

45 days is nothing.

That’s half the time you put up with things on your job you don’t like just to make it past the probation period. 45 days.

Your partner may be skeptical at first and waiting for the “other shoe to drop” and question your motives – but don’t worry about it. Just keep doing what they asked you to do.

It’s only 45 days.

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