“Spunk” Smoothie

By: Will Wavvy

When it comes to oral sex a constant debate is whether or not a woman should spit or swallow.  There are some women that will gladly suck the skin off your dick but they draw the line at drinking the “natural milk shake”; and there are others that treat it like Folgers – “it’s good to the last drop.”  Since I’m a mass manufacturer of the “nut shake”, I haven’t – nor will I ever – taste the product, but I will answer the question a lot of ladies have…

Does it make a difference? Of course it does.

Ladies think of when you’re having sex and you’re about to cum.  He’s filling up your walls and giving it to you good… you feel the pressure mounting and just about when you’re ready to drown him in your waterfall…

He stops and leaves you to cum on your own, or he fingers you until you cum.  You’re going to be like what the hell?

It’s essentially the same thing when you don’t “swallow”.  When you’re sucking the gristle off us like we’re the last chicken bone on earth and you stop when we cum, you’re leaving us hanging.  If your mouth caused the nut, then your mouth needs to finish it.  It feels that much better when you keep going.  Now once you have a mouth full of a nut shake – you can do with it whatever you want. Swallow it… spit it out… choke on it… we don’t really care at that point – we just want it in your mouth.  Of course our preference would be for you to swallow.  The babies you swallow down your throat don’t give you a full belly a few months later.  Plus I’m sure it’s easier for women to just swallow instead of trying to take it all in… hold it… and then go spit it out.

Milk eye splashOf course there are other options.  You can jack us off. That’s alright, but nothing special… most of us jack off daily.

We can rinse your eyes out.  Better than the jack off, but not as good as swallowing.

So ladies no need to be in doubt anymore – just put it in your mouth.

Fellas, you can help your lady out to.  I’m sure you have a certain way you prefer your drinks and you won’t want to drink something that’s bitter or tastes like snot – well neither do the ladies, so to help you out here is a “Super Spunk Smoothie” recipe by Wendee Richmond. Once a day, keeps the spitting away.  LOL! In her words…

“This is what we call a “Spooge Smoothie”.. the man drinks it, and it makes his spooge taste better.. as you can see, it’s mostly all fruit, so nothing harmful, and you can adjust the amounts of the fruit as you please.. I’ve actually had a man try it, and I’ll tell you what- his stuff tasted a HELL of a lot better!!”

Super Spunk Smoothie….
Pineapple banana smoothie1 cup pineapple, fresh or canned….
1 banana, frozen….
1 cup apple juice….
1/2 tsp ginger….
1/2 tsp cinnamon….
1/4 tsp nutmeg….
1/2 tsp vanilla extract….
2 TBS honey….

Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Drink immediately. Repeat daily for best results. Enjoy 🙂

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