Stand Up and She Will Sit Down

By: King Antonitus

“If more males would stand up & be men, then more females would sit down & be ladies.”

The above statement was made by someone near and dear to me. In the next few moments I am going to take the time to expound on it.

The first part says if more males would stand up and be men…this is so very true! Sometimes as men we become lost in the mix of the common world on what a man is supposed to be and do. In my mind being a man is not the thrill of victory in staking out women for sex just to see if we can “HIT”.

Being a man is not telling an entire lifetime of lies leading our women on for our own personal pleasures or shall I say gains.

Being a man is not sitting around depending on a woman to take care of us paying our bills or putting us up in their homes.

Being a man is not all the bullshit we put women through for no reason at all.

Yet, being a man IS becoming a responsible person in every aspect of life.

Being a man is being able to take care and provide for self before trying to welcome someone into our lives for life.

Being a man is love, respecting and protecting our queens and treating them as such all the time.

Being a man is opening doors, pulling out chairs or a warm smile and a kind hello instead of looking foolish gawking at the site of her beautiful frame.

Being a man is owning up to the fact that we may have a child out of wedlock yet we ensure that the child is taken care of emotionally, mentally and financially.

Being a man is having purpose, direction and motivation in life.

Hmm…purpose, direction and motivation? These same words are used in the Army to describe LEADERSHIP. So what I am saying gentlemen is step up and be a LEADER in your situation whether it be marriage or just dating. We as men were placed in this world naturally as leaders, we have to step up and represent as such! Now being a LEADER in your home or situation doesn’t mean ranting and stomping around yelling I’m in charge! I’m the MAN! It really means making sure your home is taken care of not only financially but making sure your queen in your home is taken care of emotionally and mentally as well.

Men we have got to get it together!

I say start dating your wife again…YES date her, just like you did when you first wanted to become involved with her. You dating her showed her things that made her interested in you so why would you possibly stop?? If the things you did made her interested then don’t you think they will keep her happy if you continued to do those things??? You damn skippy they will, however some will say well I got her now so there is no need to go all out anymore. I call bullshit! So men from this moment on if you are reading this, I challenge you to date your woman again, be a real man a LEADER in all aspects of life and watch what happens! Yeah, I already know it is hard out there right now and you may not be able to take her out and wine and dine her all the time but get creative, it is YOUR queen!

And a quick note for my single gentlemen out there, there is really no need to lie and deceive a woman to get what you want and we all know what I am talking about, I real man can say what he really wants or what his intentions are. When you do this two things can happen she can say yes or she can say no, at any rate there are no hearts broken from the lies you used to get her in your bed knowing you only wanted one thing and she can respect the fact that you acted like a man and told her the real deal.

As far as the second part about the women sitting down and being ladies, it speaks for itself, men do our damn jobs and live up to the title of MAN and the women wouldn’t have to stand up and fill the void of man!

Friends and family I tell you when my time hits MY QUEEN can be the lady because I have the MAN portion already done! I have gone through many bumps and bruises many ups and downs, I have lived on the wrong side of my title as MAN and can tell you that there is no true JOY or PEACE in it! We were not put in this world to be alone but yet to be together as one, MAN and WOMAN!

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  • Brittany Myles


  • great post.

  • Tameka

    I love this, only If males will take heath to this… we as woman has to do our parts as while. but this was beautiful written and done. be bless

  • Sydnemm

    What is it to “be a lady?” To me, this sounds like enforcement of traditional gender roles in the family. The female partner submitting to male partner kind of deal. The male partner being the absolute head of the household. That enforces the idea that some responsibilities in the family are specifically male and other specifically female. That I don’t like. Love that he’s encouraging men to respect women and to care for the one they love, but that shouldn’t be to discourage a womanist or feminist attitude.

  • (((thunderous applause))) now let me go sit down 😉

  • Men if you stand up and be men instead of continually “sitting down” to piss, you’ll make room for the women in your life to “sit down” and occupy the seat while you stand.