Big People Need Love Too

By: Venicia Vaden

Here is a letter from a fan that makes a great point about overweight people, how society looks at them, and their challenges.

First of all, can you give me the name and number of that contradictory ass wanksta that was talking stupid, so I can break his ass off some of this FIYA ass punanny and then have his bitch ass fix me a sandwich after (extra cheese) and a glass of Kool-aid with two ice cubes. Then I will slowly and subtly fuck his mind with this knowledge that I am speaking. We will see how he feels about big girls then. Once I have gotten him squared away and he is in the corner sucking his thumb, curled up in the fetal position, then I can resume my regularly scheduled activities of getting these fat ass women, including myself, off of the streets.

How you can assist, you wonderful, intelligent, handsome man you, is by helping to spread the word as it relates to the cause. On a serious note, this is about getting people to turn their disgust and disdain for a particular group into a desire to help. There needs to be a transformation of all of our minds Professor. As a beautiful woman (internally beautiful that is), who happens to be heavy, I have experienced much discrimination.

We all have weaknesses, some are just more obvious than others. Consider this Professor. Only you know your deepest and darkest secrets, aches, pains, and struggles. What if the world knew and judged you accordingly????

Big GirlBeing heavy is like wearing a scarlet letter. Everyone can see your pain. You cannot hide it. Whereas some people are rapists, thieves, compulsive liars, cheaters, drug addicts, alcoholics, and God knows what else in their secret place, and society is unsuspecting; when you have a food addiction or a lack of motivation and self-esteem to workout, EVERYONE can see it. However, it is just one facet of a person’s life and it is no indicator of what wonderful and beautiful things lie beneath. As I stated on my page, we have to separate a person’s demons from the person as a whole. We are not our shortcomings.

I have met many employers that have lost the greatest and most hardworking employees from the jump because they judged the person’s physical, not even giving them a chance to prove themselves. As well, I have known many people to lose good men and women because they judged in that same fashion, and when the person lost the weight, they had all of these would have, should have, could haves. Don’t get me wrong, there is a distinction between job and relationship and no one should be subjected to be with a person they are not attracted to, but at the same time, we don’t have to be so judgmental, especially if we are not willing to help make a difference.
When I got tired of seeing young people on the streets uneducated, unmotivated, robbing, stealing, and killing, at first I complained, then I decided to do something about it. I became a teacher, mentor, and counselor, and turned these same young people, who were a source of my disdain, into productive citizens that were working for me and society in a positive capacity. Sometimes WE have to be the source of inspiration for those very things that turn us off.

With that being said, I am going to give your wonderful brown eyes a break now and allow you take some of this in. If you care to. I recognize every battle is not yours to fight, so I am not asking anymore of you than you are motivated to do. What I will ask is that you mention this movement since you have the resource to do so.

Voluptuosly Yours

This page is much like signing a petition. It is just for support and to make people aware. Help a big person today…don’t judge. Take one hour out of your schedule and take a walk or jog with them. Call them and ask them what they have had to eat. Make them accountable to someone. Every little bit counts.

Let’s be our brother’s keeper on every level!

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  • I dated “bigger” young woman and it was all good. However, what ultimately did it in was that I was beginning to be committed to reducing the “Graduate School” weight and she wasn’t…. along with a whole host of other issues.

    However, this piece does bring up some good points that we overlook quite often in our weight obsessed society.

  • Don’t speak about it be about is the moral of the story. My ex hubby would tell me I have gained weight I should work out. I would then suggest we do it as a couple and all I got in return was a blank stare……..

  • NOW that’s TRUTH coupled with LOVE. I’m in.