The Minds of Men

Have you ever wanted to know what REALLY goes on in the minds of men?  The no-holds barred, spare no punches, cold, hard truth?
Well this is your chance to learn.  We’re starting off the 2010 Fall Season of Relationship Playbook Radio with Will Wavvy and his version the “Fab 5”:
Michigan Fab 5

The back court: The dynamic duo of Very Smart Brothas.

The forwards: Rick Harris & Eric Willams of TRP

The man in the middle: Jay Skill of TRP

And of course coached by THE Professor, Will Wavvy
It’s that time of year when your Wednesday nights become interesting again.
Relationship Playbook Radio on Sept. 15 – 9 – 11 PM EST
Call in number: 718-664-67065
No upsets.
No dumb ass time-outs.
No NCAA Investigations.
Just 2 hours of giving it to you raw when it comes to…

chris webber timeout

Independent Women – Stop putting Extras on Regular Ish
The Game – And how to tell when he’s running game on you
The Pussification of Men – the problem with “nice” guys
Why men congratulate themselves but condemn women when it comes to sex.
And that’s just for starters... we’re also going to take your calls.
After this show you can no longer say, “I didn’t know.”

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  • Angelmonique

    This is gonna be hot! We’re about to be named the most controversial show on the airwaves!

  • What line is that Michele?

  • Michele Vernae

    You gon’ stop bitin’ my lines Will Wavvy! *mad hard eyeroll*

  • All I have to say is make sure you load the babies up on Benadryl and be ready.

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