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Dear Relationship Playbook
When I was married I noticed a sex swing that hung over the bed and I was interested in getting one I did talk to the ex about it and she was not having it. She gave excuse on why we should not have one.
So once we split I started to explore more of my sexual freedom by first buying a swing that had a stand and later liberaitor shapes to what I thought would inhance sex, board games and oils and even a masaage table. the problems is this most if not all of the women I meet are saying that I am not into that or that I am going too far. often hear women say that all men are the same but once you break away from pack and move to more erotic things they seem to step back away from you. Is it a chance that I can be too erotic?
Nic’s thoughts…
Too Erotic? Not necessarily, I mean if that’s your thing who can knock it? I’m sure you’re aware that everyone you come across might not be on that level sexually. It shouldn’t cause an issue as long as your upfront about your sexual needs, and you’re aware of their needs. It’s always good to have that talk sooner than later. It may or may not work out, but if the other person can handle it, then no you’re not doing too much. You’d be surprised what a lot of women are down to try. As Chris Rock put it: “Your woman is nastier than you can imagine!”
On another note, be sure to save something for the honeymoon! Don’t burn yourself out overdoing the “sexcapades”… If you give too much too soon, it might get played out even if that person is down with the erotic side of sex. You don’t want to end up having to amp it up everytime in order to out do your last time. That’s easy to pull off if you’re just F-Buddies, but if you plan on being in a LONG term relationship, then it could get difficult to maintain.
But just because some of those women weren’t down with it, make no mistake some are. I’m sure you’ll meet your match. But if not, would you be willing to compromise and find a way to meet in the middle? If she’s not down with a swing, how about some whip cream and handcuffs? Or maybe a very light bondage while you put those oils to work? (add a feather here for tickling)
There are many ways to keep the exoticness in sex while saving the best for down the road. When you’re in it for the long term you have to get creative to keep that passion alive. Hope you can put that swing to use soon!
Best of Luck…
Nicholas Campbell
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