Sex and Marriage

Original Air Date: March 17, 2010

Sex and Marriage – most were taught to believe that the two go hand-in-hand, but if that’s the case then why do so many married couples have unsatisfying sex lives?

Veronica Monet, joins us for a discussion like no other.

First, we’ll discuss the valuable lessons she’s learned about men, sex, and marriage during her years as a successful escort.

Next, we’ll discuss how even though most couples don’t have issues of domestic violence; most participate in verbal violence which can be just as destructive to their sexual passion. And of course we won’t let her go with her sharing some bedroom tips and secrets from her book, Veronica Monet’s Sex Secrets of Escorts: Tips from a Pro

What makes men pay Veronica Monet $1350 an hour for her services? After nearly 15 years of being an expensive escort, Veronica Monet shares her secrets in this intimate, funny, no-holds-barred guide, filled with anecdotes from her years in the “trenches.” Veronica Monet’s Sex Secrets of Escorts: Tips from a Pro
is a must- have guide for any woman interested in enriching the sex life she shares with her partner. Includes helpful hints on:-Lingerie
-Erotic toys
-Techniques that only the “working girls” know

Veronica Monet is a semi-retired escort. A certified sex educator, lecturer, and contributor to a variety of magazines and book projects concerning the sex- positive life, safe sex, women’s empowerment, and the rights of sex workers, she has appeared on CNN, A&E, ABC’s 20/20, FOX News, Playboy Entertainment, and Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect, as well as dozens of radio talk programs, both local and syndicated.

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