What Men Think But Never Say

Original Air Date: Oct. 21, 2009

Why Do Men Ho?

Why Don’t They Cry?

How does a man define a good woman?

These are questions women would like to know about men; but unfortunately although men think about it, they hardly ever tell you why they do some of the things they do in relationships. Well tonight, Steven Dixon, author of “Men Don’t Heal, We Ho” – A Book About the Emotional Instability in Men. joins us to tell you all of the things men think about in relationships, but never say.

Men Don’t Heal, We Ho” is a tell-all book about relationships and how to fix them.  The book delves into the longtime Dallas resident’s transformation from a “HO” to a successful husband and father. “I speak directly to single women, single men, wives and husbands,” Dixon says. “The book is about men because the emotional stability of the ‘man’ is the key element to having a successful relationship. If we get the men right, the women will fall in line.”

This book will definitively answer the following concerns for women:

1. Why your boyfriend won’t make you his wife.

2. Why you might not want your boyfriend to be your husband.

3. Why you are single while she is married.

4. How to get a man and keep a husband.

5. How to be the best wife that you can be.

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This book will definitively answer the following concerns for men:

1. Why you are not ready to get married.

2. Why your homeboy is cheating on his wife.

3. How you can have a happy marriage.

4. What is expected of you as a husband.

5. How to be emotional and still maintain your manhood.

“My experience and research have produced a body of knowledge about relationships. This body of knowledge has helped many men and women discover truths about their own relationships and lives,” explains Dixon.

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