Maybe It’s You

Original Air date: April 21, 2010

Nikki Nokes joins us to discuss taking personal accountability for your dating choices.

Tired of being single?
Wondering why your relationship status still hasn’t changed?
Addressing topics such as Maybe You Think Ignorance is Bliss, Maybe You Can’t Get the Sex Thing Right, and Maybe You’re Fat, Maybe…It’s You!; is a fearless and fun exploration of previously uncharted discussion topics, delving head-first into the subtle and obvious actions, inaction, thoughts and misconceptions that spell dating disaster for the modern woman.
This is the relationship book that everyone’s been waiting for. Author Nikki Nokes gives you her unique blend of straight-talk girl talk with the humor, candor and understanding that is usually reserved for best friends and rounds of martinis. With real-life examples and practical exercises, she’ll tell it like it is to get you on the fast track with Mr. Right.

Nikki Nokes is a graduate of Duke University and Harvard Law School. When she is not reading, researching and writing for the benefit of her Girlfriends, she is working, playing, laughing, loving and living in Los Angeles.

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