Just Say No

Original Air date: June 20, 2007

We either have went through or have known people that went through a situation where you know someone is no good for you, yet you continue to say with them – you just don’t know how to say no to them.  Why? What is about them that makes you stay and more importantly how do you “just say no” and get them out of your life.

Mercedes Terzol joins us to discuss her book, 999 Ways 2 Say No 2 A “No Good Man”

999 Ways 2 Say No 2 A “No-Good Man”takes an uncensored look into the ways of the no-good man and exposes him for who he truly is: a dog disguised as a human.While promoting women to think with the head and not with the heart in matters of love, this book unveils what every woman may or may not want to know but needs to know about the canine, who may not currently be in her life, but may someday bring his paws to her doorstep.999 Ways reveals the internal pollution that allows a woman to tolerate his ways, encouraging her to confront and transform this into strength. It reemphasizes the fact that the very structure of a woman is composed of strength. It is just a matter of finding its location then continuing on with application.

From “Love 2 Be Defined” to the “Colorful Commentary” and “Excerpts of Encouragement,” the usage of poetic expression will provoke thought and laughter to uplift the spirit.

A.A.D. is the phrase that pays: Acknowledge, Act, Depart. So enter at your risk because only the brave souls will survive this literary experience.

Mercedes A. Terzol is a certified paralegal and cum laude graduate. She holds a BA in political science. The Bronx, New York, is her residence and hometown. “The mind leads, and the body follows. Free the mind, and the body will follow” is her life motto.

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