How to stop dating losers – Forever!

Original Air Date: April 18, 2007

This is the first episode of, The Relationship Playbook (formerly The Game), on Blogtalkradio, our guest is Dr. Anthony Riche, author of Finally!: How to Stop Dating Losers Forever

Dating can be frustrating, but dating one loser after another can make you want to scream! Have you ever wondered why you keep ending up with losers? The answer may lie deep within your subconscious mind. Finally! How to Stop Dating Losers Forever will help you unlock the mystery behind men and dating.Life is about choices, but when we make the wrong choice, it can have lasting effects on our lives. By learning to examine and understand past mistakes, you’ll discover why you’re attracted to losers and what you can do to keep it from recurring. Author and life coach Anthony Riche, PhD, shares with you tips on how to make better decisions in your dating life through an intriguing mixture of makeover secrets, dating dos and don’ts, relationship guidance, and advice on sex. Riche also includes anecdotes and short quizzes to help you increase your dating knowledge. Once you’ve learned the secrets, you’ll be on your way to attracting the perfect mate.Finally! How to Stop Dating Losers Forever will breathe life into your dating scene. Learn the secrets behind the power of attraction, and gain the confidence you need to get the man you want!
Anthony Riche, PhD, is a clinical hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, and life coach whose work has helped shape the lives of many.

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