A Beautiful Nightmare

Dear Relationship Playbook,

I’m 28 and have never been in a serious relationship.  I’m a model, have no problem attracting guys, and can go out with one whenever I want to.  My issue it’s nothing more than casual dating.  The date usually goes well, they’re nice, attentive, and treat me like a lady, but after a couple of dates the conversation turns to sex.  It seems all they want is sex.  It doesn’t go beyond first base with me.  I value my body too much to just give it up to every man that wants me.  My girls all have boyfriends, and I’m ready to settle down.  Why do pretty girls just get guys that only want to have sex with them?

My thoughts…

It sucks to be beautiful doesn’t it?

You never really know why someone likes you.

Many men just see you as a piece of ass.

Some think you’re just beautiful and dumb as a rock.

You come across as stuck-up even if you’re just a little shy.

You can have insecurities although no one would believe it because you’re beautiful.

Women hate on you.

You’re so used to being catered to and put on a pedestal that your first, middle, and last names are  “Bitch, Stuck-up Bitch, and Stank Bitch!”

Did I cover everything? If not, oh well, we’re done with the pity party.

Let’s be real. You’re beautiful so most men want to tap that ass… PERIOD! Hell, just looking at you from a purely physical standpoint, I’d tap that ass! For anyone to say “I’m not interested in the physical” is full of shit.  A man can lie to his mama, friends, pastor, even to God… but he can’t lie to his dick and if it wants you it wants you. So first stop worrying about if he’s thinking of tapping that ass when he sees you… HE IS!


I understand the need to protect yourself and not end up being a notch on someone’s belt.  The problem is by having so many walls up you can have an unintended side effect of being unapproachable. Guys that only want ass will usually approach you regardless, but the guys that want more may be intimidated by you.  Sure you’re not ending up a notch on some dude’s belt because you only kiss, but at the same time you can be turning off men that want a real relationship from you.  Any normal man with a lot going for himself, will at some point, seek someone that fulfills his every need.

I’m not saying you have to give it up to everyone, but like it or not, sex is important to men and rightfully so.  There are those “diamonds in the rough” that will wait until they’re married, but they’re definitely on the endangered species list.

It’s difficult for ANY WOMAN to know if a man is interested in more than sex, especially those that are constantly objectified.  But guess what? Attractive women get into relationships and get married all the time.  They stop worrying about things they can’t control, take a chance, and allow themselves to trust.

If you don’t want to do that, then don’t expect anything to change.  The clinical definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting a different result.



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