Releasing Your Emotions

By: Will Wavvy

This was sent to me by an anonymous fan from our fan page on Facebook and I wanted to share it with you all.

Something happened.

Someone hurt you.

You carry this hurt around with you.

Maybe you are angry.

The mere thought of the situation or the person brings this emotion up in you. Each and every day, this is a part of you and consumes a piece of your energy. In some way, this stops you from doing something. You spend time thinking about the situation or person, as opposed to doing something that could move you forward.

Imagine seeing this person pass you by in a store or at the club. Maybe your blood pressure rises, maybe your hands shake, or maybe your temperature rises. So, there you stand angry and hurt while this person happily goes about their day with no thoughts of you. What’s wrong with this picture? This person (or, as you are thinking, this jerk) hurt you and there you are angry and hurt, while they are going about their life as normal. You are probably thinking, “but, they …”

Yes, they did. Yes, they probably are a jerk. But, they are going about their lives normally. Why shouldn’t you?

Something has happened to each of us. The key is not what we deal with, but how we deal with it. The problems arise when the something is at the core of our daily lives. When we center our lives around one event or individual and carry this burden on our shoulders each day, our backs hurt. When our backs hurt, we slump our shoulders, we keep a frown on our face. We start to look and feel negative.

What can you do about it?

By going through the motions of truly forgiving someone or a situation, you are not denying the hurt but rather allowing yourself to move on from it. Releasing the negative emotions and feelings associated with it or them makes room in your life for more positive emotions and feelings to come in. In some sense, you are forgiving yourself for feeling hurt and anger for so long. In everything that we experience in life (positive and negative), there is always a lesson.

That lesson can only be seen once we are able to see those negative emotions and remove them from our lives. Focus on what makes you happy & the great things in life. You are here to live a full and exciting one.

Stay Strong.

Do for you.

Start today…It only takes one step.

Will Wavvy

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