Moving Forward

By: Will Wavvy


This was actually written by my mother, Pastor Waverly, to express moving forward from a spiritual point of view.

Have you been hurt by past disappointments, fear, rejection, abandonment or failure? If so, you’ve probably learned that time doesn’t necessarily heal all wounds. When pain from the past lingers in your life and causes emotional scars, you need to understand that God is always ready to help you be healed.

Many times we find it difficult to move forward because we refuse to admit that we are hurt and holding on to things that we need to let go of, people we need to cut loose. We try to cover up our feelings, sometimes we may be able to keep it covered for awhile but later it will surface and bite you in the butt.

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Heal – to make sound, well, or healthy again.

We have to get to a point within ourselves that “I am sick and tired of feeling this, I want to move forward”.

When we are hurt by a cut, burn, fall etc. it sometimes leaves a marking on the body Scar is a mark left on the skin or other tissue after a wound, burn has healed. Sometimes we have emotional scars, the question is…

“What do I do with this scar” (Situations, Circumstances, Adversities that Remain)?

Do I hold on to this scar by constantly nursing it, kissing it, or referring to it as my little “boo-boo”?  When you do then usually it becomes your crutch or security blanket because you let it hinder us from going forward.

Emotional health is having total peace about who you are, what you’re doing, and where you’re going, both individually and in relationship to those around you. In other words, it’s feeling totally at peace about the past, present and future of your life.

Emotional health is just as practical and attainable as physical health. Spiritually, emotionally, and mentally you have to be fed and cared for properly or that part of you gets sick.

Your steps toward moving forward is to admit that you are hurting, you need to be healed and to let go of the past hurts and look to God and trust God; and hold on to the fact that “this too shall pass”.

For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds, says the Lord…..Jeremiah 30:17

Be Blessed

Apostle R. Waverly

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