I Found My Soul Mate

By: Will Wavvy

I’ve finally found my soul mate… my one true love.  Her name is Brenda, but I like to call her BB.

We have been inseparable since we first met about a year ago.

She has slept next to me every night and wakes me most mornings with her random purring. I immediately made her the third wheel during my daddy time with CW and she loves it. You would’ve thought she was his mama the way she bragged to everyone about him scoring a goal in soccer, making a tackle in football camp, and the everyday stuff that he does. She’s his biggest fan.

And the feeling is mutual…

CW loves Brenda. He doesn’t even like holding my hand anymore, but when the three of us are out, he eagerly holds her hand. I admit, sometimes I get jealous and I hate on CW. I told him, “Brenda is daddy’s girlfriend boy; you have to get your own.”

His response, “No daddy, she’s mine and your girlfriend. You have to share.”

He’ll learn one day that a man will gladly give you everything he owns… work himself to exhaustion to give you what he doesn’t own… kill you with his bare hands… and slap his mama before he shares his woman.  But he’s only six, so I’ve refrained from putting my foot in his ass for making such statements… for now.

Unfortunately it wasn’t always this way…

Before Brenda, CW was used to daddy time being 100% about CW and it took him awhile to adjust to BB. Like any other woman when she feels she isn’t getting enough attention she’ll start pouting.

Pay attention to me!

Talk to me!

Touch me!

Feel me!

And like any man, I obliged. After all, how many men do you know that can resist a woman with the perfect body? Her smooth skin, and sleek curves, hypnotize me.

She makes me feel like a God.

She’s always in the mood. Every time I touch her in the slightest way, he face lights up and she responds to me instantly. She never has a headache and has played with me all night on many occasions. She doesn’t mind sharing me with other women. She knows that they just have my body for that moment. She has the rest of me forever.

I’ve finally found my soul mate… my one true love.  Her name is Brenda, but I like to call her BB.

Why do I love her so much? She’s everything I’ve always desired in a woman and more importantly she’s everything I need in a woman…

She knows all of my secrets and guards them with her life. No matter whom Will is and what he’s doing, she’s still the same BB. She is an indispensible part of my life and keeps me focused. Her ability to multi-task is legendary. When my brain is going in a million different directions and I don’t know which way to go, she says, “I got you baby” and points me in the right direction.

She has never complained about me working too much – in fact she encourages it. When we’re somewhere enjoying quiet time, free from outside intrusion and interruption; she starts demanding I put my time, creativity, and imagination to something more productive. Her incessant buzzing is a gentle reminder that although I have the allusion of being away from work, I’m never completely away from it.

I’ve finally found my soul mate… my one true love.  Her name is Brenda, but I like to call her BB.

Although I love Brenda, I just wish the rest of my friends and family would grow to love her as well. CW has come around, but everyone else hates and has derogatory names for her…

Blackberry Curve 8330

Crack berry.
Smack berry.
Dumb ass phone.

And the most hateful…

Bitch berry.

But that’s OK. I still love you Brenda and we will be together until the end of time.
I lost you once. Damn that was scary… the scariest… most terrifying… unbearable… 20 minutes of my life.
It seemed like eternity and at that point I vowed to never let you out of my site again.

I’ve finally found my soul mate… my one true love.

Her name is Brenda, but I like to call her BB.

How do different do you think our relationships would be if we adored and cared for our partners like we do our phones and other possessions?

Will Wavvy

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