Why Men are Pimps

By: Will Wavvy

A source of frustration for ladies when it comes to dating is the notion that most single men want to be “pimps” and have their own and the next man’s share of women.  It doesn’t make sense to them as to why some grown men can’t let go of those adolescent fantasies.  Well today, I’m going to help the ladies understand, but first things first – I need to correct your assumptions.

It isn’t “most, single men” that want to be pimps – it’s ALL MEN that want to be pimps, even those happily married.  If any man says that he doesn’t want to be a pimp then he’s lying.  LOL! I’m joking… really I am… I think.  LOL!

We were introduced to pimpin’ during the earliest stages of our childhood.  Remember the Muppets?

That was just the beginning of our lifelong fascination of any and everything pimpin’.  There are plenty of reasons why men want to be pimps, but I’ll just give you 10.

10 Reasons Why Men Want to be Pimps…

10. Pimps get to hang out with celebrities .

9. Pimps have their own style.

8. Pimpin’ is recession proof.

7. Pimps have an endless supply of workers

… that are VERY motivated

6. Pimps get money anywhere – even the church.

5. Pimps are never cold.

4. Pimps never spend a night alone.

3. When you die, you can still be a pimp in hell.

2. A pimp can say a man’s favorite three words.

And the #1 reason is a no-brainer…

Pimps can slap someone silly.

But of course if you’re going to slap someone, then you need to do it right.  Here’s an illustration on the proper technique.

So now that you understand ladies, please don’t get upset when you hear a man says, “I’m a pimp for life”.  We don’t get upset with your “Cinderella” fantasies, don’t get upset with ours.

By the way, if you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m joking.  Life is too short to be serious ALL the time, and we need to have some fun and a good laugh occasionally – well actually we need to do it every day.

Will Wavvy

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  • Anabela

    Pimps still look like wankers to me!

  • It was one of the “lost episodes” of Muppets. LOL

  • Thanks Basee. I didn't know you could laugh. 😉

  • LOL! I try Babakifo. But the crazy thing is a lot of this is true. LOL!

  • I wish I could've found a pic in biblical times because you know they were selling ass along with sheep and camels since the beginning of time. LOL!

  • Basee Saka

    Ha ha ha… that was funny!

  • Will

    I wish I could’ve found a pic in biblical times because you know they were selling ass along with sheep and camels since the beginning of time. LOL!

  • Pisceswoman007

    I never saw that episode with the Muppet's as PIMPS…lol… Well…alright…guess fair is fair…if I can still have my Cinderella fantasy…men can have their pimp fantasies….I mean…the men that are mine that is… 😉

  • Babakifo

    WW is Hella Stooopid! LOL

  • Michele Vernae

    #8 has me ROFLMAO – “Ho Sale” =))