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By: Will Wavvy

One of the most common question from our single, female fans on, The Relationship Playbook fan page on Facebook, is, “Where Can I Meet Men?“ Although I am a man, I don’t intentionally go out and meet men, so I asked the “Dating Diva”, JJ Smith to share with you some of the best places to meet men.  From where men work and play to the unusual spots, JJ has covered it all.  Here are just a sample of some of the places.

Where Men Work…

· The Office: One good thing about meeting men at the office is that they have already been pre-screened by the personnel/HR department. Thus, there’s no better place than the office to meet single, successful men with similar interests and skills. To get to know co-workers, plan social activities at the job such as monthly happy hours and football or basketball pools. This will allow you to interact with a lot of men when you plan these activities. So don’t just participate in these activities, but plan and coordinate these events as well.

· Join a Country Club: If you can afford it, join a country club which will provide great business contacts. In addition, most members of country clubs are men.  Throughout the year, most country clubs sponsor golf and tennis events, which are even open to non-members. The more expensive the country club, the more exclusive the members will be. If you can afford it, this is well worth the investment. If you can’t afford to join, then offer to volunteer at their sponsored golf or tennis events as this will give you sufficient time to mingle and get to know some of the members.

· Join Toastmasters: At some point in a man’s career, he may attend a public speaking group, such as Toastmasters, to hone his presentation skills.  Toastmasters holds weekly meetings to help members improve their speaking and communication skills. This isn’t to say that women don’t attend Toastmasters; however, many clubs also have plenty of men who also belong.  You can visit various clubs and pick one or more that you want to join.

The Internet…

· – Chemistry is a sister site of, designed especially for people who are actively seeking meaningful, long-term relationships. uses both hormonal-based and personality-based matching techniques.

· – is one of the world’s largest online dating services with more than 20 million members worldwide. also claims that over 250,000 people a year find a partner through their site. Personally, everyone I know who has been on a dating site has been on at some point in their dating life. helped pioneer the online dating industry, and it now services 40 countries and territories and hosts websites in 15 different languages.

· – A site for people looking for simple dates to soul mates. At, through a unique blend of science, technology and personalized attention, they’ll guide you through the process of finding and keeping lasting love. They offer a TRUE Compatibility Test so that you get an accurate profile of yourself. You’ll learn more about yourself, plus you will be that much closer to finding your special someone.

Professional Matchmaking Services…

· It’s Just Lunch: It’s Just Lunch is a matchmaking service for those looking for a stress-free way to meet other singles without all the pressure that typical dating can bring. The arranged dates are short, sweet, and never over dinner, typically over lunch or after-dinner drinks.

· Premier Match: claims to be the country’s most reputable upscale matchmaking firm with a mission to unite accomplished men and women in their quest for love. With offices strategically located across the country and abroad, Premier Match can offer a huge array of options. Whether you choose to work with one specific territory or decide to conduct a national search (or even an international search), they have the necessary resources to tailor your membership around your specific needs.

· Master Matchmakers: Master Matchmakers is a high-end personal matchmaking service specializing in recruiting and matching educated, successful, and eligible single men and women. Master Matchmakers provides a sophisticated way for singles throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states to achieve long-lasting relationships.

Where Men chill and play…

· Home Improvement/Automotive Stores: I’ve met a ton of blue collar men in construction stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, which are both great places to meet them. Sometimes I just go to those stores to flirt because I love men. If you approach men with questions about how to fix something in your home, they will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.  Additionally, these stores even offer classes on various home repair and improvement projects.

Gym/Fitness Clubs: Have you seen the men at gyms lately? I used to think they worked out at home until they got fit and in shape because many of the men there had incredible bodies to look at. Plain and simple, the gym is a great place to meet someone. I spend about 30-60 minutes exercising, and if I feel like socializing, I spend well over an hour at the gym. For many men, the gym is a home away from home and a place they can just think and clear their minds or release some stress. So if a man looks to be very focused, don’t disturb him. If he wants to chat with you, he will, and if he doesn’t, he won’t. Needless to say, women should have on the cutest, hottest workout gear that they own. Is there ever a time to look average when we leave the house? No matter where we go, we should always look cute and sexy.

Monday Night Football Parties: Of course, these events will always bring out many men. You could also add a betting pool, food, and drink, and because there are about 17 weeks of football, you can really get to know these guys pretty well.

The Unusual Spots…

· Upscale Single Nights: These are upscale events planned for busy professionals based upon similar interests, such as hiking, sports, salsa dancing, scotch tasting and gourmet cooking. Most cities offer these types of gatherings, and they are a win-win scenario. Even if you don’t meet a new guy, you’ll have fun because there is a focus on your hobbies and interests, and typically a happy hour is held after the event.

· Speed Dating: Speed dating is for those who don’t want to invest a lot of time in meeting new people, but they want to increase the quantity of people they meet.  Speed dating provides four to five minute introductions of many men or women (about 20-25) at one event. It feels like a game, where a guy talks to a woman for four to five minutes, and then moves on to the next seat and talks to the next woman. The goal is to have a power introduction of yourself that lets you describe who you are in just a few short minutes. It is definitely fun. Instead of spending a lunch or dinner with someone who might be the wrong guy, you just spend four to five minutes with him. With a lot of people, this is enough time to determine if you want to see them again. In speed dating, you meet a lot of men in a short timeframe. At the end of the evening, contact info is exchanged between the men and women who are both interested in each other.

· Singles Dinner Parties: Here’s an idea for singles who are hungry for good food and even better dinner companions. Clubs around the country, such as Eight at Eight, Table for Eight, and Dinner at Eight, set up dinner parties of four single men and four single women who share similar backgrounds and interests.  If love doesn’t bloom, at least you’ll have had a great meal.

These are just a few of the unusual places where you can meet men.  You can view the complete list of “101 Best Places to Meet Men”, by downloading the e-book, and once you start meeting them, learn “The Joys of Dating” also by JJ Smith.

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